I’ve always been the curious type but I became even more curious when my life drastically took a turn for the better on October 30, 2009, the day I nearly died from a hit and run drunk driving accident. It started with a large crashing sound that came from the back of my van and then it was as if someone turned out the lights. I couldn’t see, but I was in a place of peace as if I was floating to another dimension when all of a sudden a female voice brought me back. “Open your eyes,” the voice said. I didn’t want to come back from wherever it was I was going to, all the problems, noise and static were gone. Then the voice got stronger and said; “Open your eyes, NOW.” It was the urgency of NOW that brought me to the point of gasping for air, wondering if my head was still attached to my body as it was torqued back into the seat. There were so many things that happened in my van on that day but to sum it all up, I did not come back the same. I knew I was not alone, that there was some sort of guides watching over me. The unexplainable that raised me to a new level of consciousness and awareness, I was more curious than ever before. My purpose was clear, I was to take everything I learned for the better and reveal the secrets to the world.

Before the accident, I was like a dead car battery, recovering from an abusive marriage, and all the abuse and toxicity of my past life, just trying to get from point A to B. The crash caused a new sense of awareness that was gained from near death, one that gave me a hunger to understand how to manifest and turn my life around. I had studied mind-body therapy in college and knew how to apply it, that my thoughts affected my health but it wasn’t until I stumbled upon the movie “The Secret” it opened my eyes to a deeper level of how our thoughts affect our future. Watching the movie was like placing jumper cables on my dead battery, supplying me with a new charge. I began to apply what I learned in the secret and was able to manifest several amazing things over the course of 2 years from TV show appearances to writing a book in three days and releasing it in less than 30 days, placing it in Dr. Oz’s hands.

Despite these amazing manifestations I sensed there was more. I was clear on my goals, action steps, action plan, and was doing everything in my power to raise my vibration from meditation, healthy eating, yoga and looking within through my inner eye; seeing with insight instead of eyesight. I was having fun and brining my body into the right vibrational space. I was grateful for all of my blessings and for the first time in my life made peace with all of the abuse I had walked through. Rising up from the victim to the victor. But in doing all of this I still felt as if I was in a glass case. I began to study tap therapy and say positive affirmations and although all of those things helped, I still felt as though there was an invisible shield holding me back from some big things I was trying to manifest. I would pray, “God show me the way.” I understood that I needed to take the action to bring the manifestation about and that there is truth in God’s timing but sometimes the time is all about what Jack Canfield says, “You need to take action when the opportunity shows up.” Action is not something I have ever lacked in and visualization came easy. I was taking steps everyday acting on my dream in spite of fear and doubt but it still wasn’t becoming a reality at the pace that I expected. I was asking, believing and receiving, the steps of “The Secret,” working on my thoughts, connected to spirit, “hanging around people that inspired me instead of expired me” as Jack Canfield said, expecting great things to happen and believing that they would, so what was the missing link?

I began to study Dr. Bruce Lipton’s work, “Our thoughts have the power to determine our reality. We are programmed to think in a certain way, to behave in a certain way right from childhood that restricts us from experiencing the life we want because the majority of the time (95%), our life is controlled by the subconscious mind. We use our conscious mind only 5% of the times, and our conscious mind is where our desires and aspirations reside.” The subconscious mind consists of our beliefs and past experiences. Well guess what, my past wasn’t pretty. Of course there are many things I can choose to be grateful for but the reality is there is a lot of stuck traumatic experiences in my cells as I learned from cognitive neuroscientist, Dr. Caroline Leaf.

So how do I get rid of these toxic experiences from my body so I can align my vibrational frequency and operate on a daily basis with more of my conscious mind? I knew the key was to heal from the inside out and the only way to finalize my healing was through subconscious clearing. Ridding myself of deeply rooted emotions, images and beliefs that were affecting my energy and although tapping and saying positive affirmations was helping, I knew there was still a missing step.

After years and years of searching I uncovered my own secret when I ran into my dear friend Debbie whom I realized I had met years prior indirectly in a wellness shop, but at the time I was so toxic in my marriage I didn’t connect. Reunited at last, my answer had arrived. As Oprah says, “Things come into your life as you are prepared to receive them.” Week after week Debbie decoded my subconscious mind determining weather my blockage was due to a heart wall or limiting belief starting in utero, childhood or adulthood. One by one energetically clearing my subconscious was like cleaning the car battery terminals and flushing the engine, I began to break down my own barriers and manifest things I had been waiting on. I felt better and my mind worked better, like having a new engine in a car. I love the way Debbie puts it, “You like country western music and one day you decide you want to listen to the music but if you don’t know how or where to dial in on the radio you will connect to a frequency you don’t want.” That’s what’s it’s like when you are stuck in your subconscious mind. You know what you want at a conscious level but due to your past your memories and thoughts have you stuck. I was so excited about my new way of thinking and thought that I had raised my vibration to the ultimate level and then I connected with some amazing gurus that introduced me to Shaktipat.

As guru Sai says, “We are all spirit and Shaktipat enables you to connect with the spirit that you are. “Shakti is divine energy, as Amritji says, “the innate source of life force that animates the body and carries out all the life giving functions in our body” and shaktipat is the transference of spiritual energy from someone that has been realized (from the teacher to the student). When I am around these gurus I feel a high vibrational level of energy. There are many great teachers that have walked the earth with high levels of consciousness as Dr. David Hawkins said, “The great avatars that set the ultimate paradigm of reality and standard of conduct for all of humanity for thousands of years. Of those, the Lords Krishna, Buddha, Zoroaster, and Jesus Christ all calibrate at 1,000. All the names for Divinity calibrate as Infinity. The revered great sages and their teachings calibrate in the 700 (extremely rare), such Huang Po and Ramana Maharshi.” It’s about internal calibration. When you experience Shaktipat you are at peace, there is stillness and an increase in gratitude, care and kindness, an opportunity to step away from anxiety, depression and low self-esteem. It opens the heart to give and receive love. When we display love, we receive love and great things magnetize to us. This place of surrender to the positive level of energy flowing freely through us is where miracles happen.

As my dear friend Amritji says, “To free the energy, you have to free the mind first. When you become free you raise your level of consciousness. So to start with, sit up straight, close your eyes and turn your attention inward. Shift from doing to feeling and being. Let go even more; feel that you no longer have the boundaries of the body, mind, time or space. Make a paradigm shift and let the divine presence manifest. Nothing of the past exists here.” It’s then that I experienced Amritji’s energetic transmission of love as my hands began to tingle as if they were asleep and have awakened. It’s all about connecting, a reminder as Michael Singer says, “That the world belongs to itself not you! It unfolds as it is.”

Shaktipat is like putting hydrogen fuel in a car’s engine so it moves faster with no blockages. An opportunity to surrender let our EGO take a vacation and connect to the Shakti inside of us, this is where the answers lie, it’s “The Secret.”


  • Dawn Burnett

    Divorce Lifestyle Consultant & Mindset Mentor

    Dawn Burnett, CSA is an honors graduate of Alternative Medicine, Best selling author, Divorce Lifestyle Consultant & Mindset Mentor. Dawn Burnett is passionate about helping people divorce situations that are no longer serving their higher selves. Dawn knows first hand what it takes to divorce relationships, habits, things, and situations in search of wholeness and happiness. Through her one-on-one coaching, Dawn supports men and women from around the world with taking the dirty out of divorce and stepping into joyous living. Dawn is a regular fixture on the high-profile airways of national television, she takes the dirty out of divorce and believes we can all access a healthier, more balanced life by using natural approaches for boosting our energy, purifying our eating regimes, and recalibrating the connection between mind and body. In doing so we can unlock fears, push past barriers and live the life we’ve been dreaming of. Dawn is a leader who moves mountains to help people thrive instead of survive in the world!