The COVID-19 pandemic has taken tolls on our life as people now have to make do with the new norm.  Working from home, social distancing, and staying away from our loved ones and colleagues have become the new routine.  Even though it is vital to boost our physical health and develop resistance to the disease, you must prioritize your mental health aside from social distancing.

If you’re looking forward to boosting your physical and mental health, autumn is the perfect time to do so. Summer is bringing the heat out of us. We burst with energy, are filled with inspiration and the bright light outside helps us feel energetic and radiant. Now autumn has arrived and we often tend to forget that this time of the year naturally invites us to slow down and turn inside.  The good news is you can change your life for the better during this autumn season. Here are three secrets to boosting your physical and mental health this fall.

  • Prioritize Physical Activity

Physical activity plays a vital role when it comes to improving your mental health and wellbeing.  Even 10 minutes of daily exercise can work wonders on your mental health as it improves your mood, reduces stress, and increases our self-esteem.  This does not mean you should hit the gym since simple exercises such as taking a walk or stretching can do wonders.

Considering most of us have to stay at home due to the pandemic, it is always better to come up with your personalized routine.  Better for you when having a compact home gym since you can partake in any exercise of choice without going through a lot. If not, add different exercises to your routine and develop interest.  In short, let us nurture ourselves and stay focused on what is truly needed to remain peaceful and vitalized to get shit done and feel content.

  • Free Yourself from Unnecessary Burdens

Autumn is the season of reaping what has been sown and of things coming to fruition. Because of the richness and bountiful colors in nature, the changing light is also a very suggestive time that leads us to reflect on changes and inner growth, as well as letting go of all that is no longer serving us.  It is the perfect time to release blockages and free ourselves from unnecessary burdens we carry around to create space and move on.

To ensure you keep your physical and mental health in check, free yourself from the things you do not need in life.  Keep in mind small tweaks could make a big difference. For instance, you can make an emotional cleanse exercise one of your biggest priorities as it keeps you fully aware of all the things you might be facing in life.  Better, it offers the perfect opportunity to forget about the negative emotional stresses that may make you anxious, stressed, or even deprive you of sleep.

  • Get Enough Sleep

With busy work schedules, it is easy to forego sleep.  What many fail to realize is that sleep deprivation is one of the biggest threats to our mental health.  Rather than cheating your body from enough sleep, you can commit to getting enough rest, thereby controlling depression and anxiety.  Keep your smartphone and Personal Computer aside about 40 minutes before going to bed.  Try as much as possible to get at least 6 to 7 hours of sleep every day.

Final Thoughts

Autumn season is upon us and especially this time of the year, it is better to find the most vital way to keep your mental health in check and run away from the stress life brings at times. Make sure you find your healthy balance. Of course, the pandemic has changed the way we do things, but you can still stay active both physically and mentally provided you put the right measures in place.

Remember to stay true to yourself and your needs and that you don’t need to explain yourself to others. We respect others’ yes… and take responsibility for what we have (co)created, but we keep our head up high and with dignity as we walk our Path since we know best what is needed to fulfill our calling and mission in this lifetime.