For a deeper understanding on Grateful:

Grateful (tile 90) is the first stage of incredible leadership. 

We believe that incredible leadership is now needed to take the world out of the Covid-19 standstill. 

My co-author, Wayno Linton and I believe incredible leadership is the highest level of human awareness and we have created what many leaders are now calling “a periodic table for human awareness”. By drawing on our experience of over 30,000 1:1 sessions through their lives – with individuals, leaders and CEOs across the world – we were able to birth The Awareness Code, published by Bloomsbury in 2021. 

The book suggests that leadership ability is directly correlated to your state of awareness. We have understood through personal encounters the many different behaviours that come forth in almost a predictable and repetitive way from leaders all over the globe, from varying backgrounds, careers and industries. After mapping these sessions, we have realised that there are 100 key aspects of emotional behaviour starting from Self-loathing at (0), before reaching the higher states of incredible leadership in the 90s and Beyond Incredible at (100). 

Modern-day leaders are still searching for the winning tool, technique or mindset to get the best out of themselves. People continue to search, often externally, for something that helps us feel validated and supports our leadership. Yet, innovative leadership development has stagnated and isn’t providing the answers for them.

The Awareness Code is a practical tool that can allow people to genuinely understand their full awareness for the first time. They can then work through their lower parts to move into higher levels of awareness, such as Stepping in (60s), Opening (70s), Transforming (80s) and Incredible (90s).  

We are also looking to emotionally empower leaders from each level of higher awareness. For Grateful Empowerment, this would include

Our next feature is going to focus on an even higher tile – Thriving (95); to become the best version of yourself in all aspects of life which has been partially inspired by Thrive Global. 

Over at, you get to begin your journey into Incredible leadership by purchasing your copy of the book. We also have a ground-breaking Awareness Code app that can be used in real time wherever you are to help you understand your awareness and make the shift to becoming an incredible leader. Visit to download now and receive a complimentary 3-day trial.


  • Steve Tappin

    CEO Xinfu, Founder of CEO Masterclass, CEO Coach & BBC CEO Guru

    Steve has been a confidant and an instrument to effect extraordinary change in some of the top leaders around the world.  He has over 30 years experience in successfully training global CEOs, corporate executives, sports figures & icons.  From early on, Steve saw the opportunity for great improvement in the way some leaders and institutions led.  His work life then became how to find new ways for top executives across many industries to re-envision and pioneer business, develop fellowship, greatly improve human performance and develop unified leadership. Follow him at LinkedIn and Twitter.

  • Wayno is a psychotherapist with over 20 years experience.  His mission has been to develop his own personal awareness to its highest potential and then to assist others to become the best version of themselves.  Wayno began asking the big questions before his teenage years; "What are we here for?", "What is the purpose of life?"  At 13 he rode his pushbike to meet every priest he could find in his small Australian hometown seeking answers.  Since then, he has travelled the globe searching out seers, sages, authors, and wise men and women from all walks of life to bring this knowledge to others and to help them become beyond incredible. Learn more about his work and how he trains others at the Awareness Code Global Training Centre