Denitra Michelle

In a moment of clarity, your life can completely change. You find answers that work for you, you search out ways to heal, and when you reach that peak you want to share it with the world.

That’s what happened with Denitra Michelle. The intent to build a business was within her, but she never followed through. It took two years to finally tackle the project that had been on her mind. She grabbed hold of that drive and ran with it once the quarantine hit. With the extra time, she knew it was her moment.

Denitra created a community for women going through similar experiences, such as women who were down on themselves and had trouble with self-care and self-love. After years of help, therapy, listening to motivational podcasts, and more, she finally let her light shine and she wanted other people to enjoy the experience of what she found on the other side.

She recognized that love comes from within and seeking it outside of yourself doesn’t lead to happiness. She discusses her emotional and motivational journey and wants to lift women and children with her newfound strength.

A Self-Love Journey and Community

Her journey led her to The Self Love Experience, the community mentioned above. Her newest venture is about creating and releasing journals that help women move to the next step in their personal path to happiness. It’s important to let go of self-loathing, and to find the clarity they need to accept themselves. Her website at speaks about anxiety, choosing self-care, along with personal development.

One of her early struggles was figuring out who she was and who she wanted to show up as in life. I think a lot of budding entrepreneurs struggle with that. We see a goal in our sights, but then somebody stops us in our tracks (usually you) and starts asking questions. With those questions, we suddenly decide maybe we’re not ready after all.

When you finally get over that hurdle, you start to see your path more clearly. Denitra took years to learn who she was and who she wanted to be. It was more work than she anticipated, but it gave her the strength to step into the sunshine and move forward with her dream.

She notes that it was in the small actions she took daily that she found change, even when at times she wondered if it was worth it. When things clicked into place, she knew she’d only been successful because she stayed the course and kept working on herself. She wants you to know that you can reach your dreams too, the goal is not to give up. Also, don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone.

If you are ready to lift yourself up, love yourself again, and need help, seek out Denitra Michelle’s group “The Self Love Experience” where women come together to help one another move forward and learn to care about themselves again. She’s there to help you with your motivation, your mindset, to help you prioritize your mental health, and to help build your confidence.