As irony would have it, I am writing this post while returning from San Diego, where I visited family and took in the Dr. Seuss “original drawings” exhibit at the Geisel Library. Ever since I was a little kid, I treasured the main character in the Dr. Seuss book, “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!” That character intrigued me because it drew me into Seuss’ world in a very unique and realistic way — the good, the bad, the exciting, the dull, the magical, and the menacing. It was true to the real world I’d eventually come to know, of which thoughts of this book would help me manage. Admittedly, I keep a copy in my office to inspire me and reflect upon.

As a young widow who raised four kids on her own while achieving professional success in many realms, none of my life was easy. But all of it was worthwhile, even though it was also a complicated, confusing, and emotional adventure. The spirals, twists, turns, clouds, and balloons were many. Identifying with the character in Oh, the Places You’ll Go made all of it less overwhelming… even humorous. Dr. Seuss reminded me that “I was not the only one to experience the unpredictable journey that I was leading — that others had done so before me and would again.” He compelled me to keep going no matter what took place.

And I have. That has included writing a children’s book series of my own, called Jasper’s Giant Imagination (4RV Publishing, April 2019). I guess you could say that a piece of Seuss’ character is in my own series as well.

Like Seuss’ main character, I continue to traverse the path of adventure. I will never stop, nor allow obstacles to get in my way. When I feel doubt, all I need do is turn to the pages of Oh, the Places You’ll Go!, chuckle, and move forward. 

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