Every winter the flu monster rudely invades your home.  Always uninvited.  Always intrusive.  You hold on with high hopes that maybe this year this visitor won’t come but the flu notoriously finds its way in. Demonstrating that no matter how much you want to fight it, you really aren’t the boss anymore.  At least not this week! One by one, each home dweller goes down. Not one escapes the madness of its wrath.  You exclaim, “Ugh, here we go again.  I can’t do this, not now, you jerk.”

Can there possible be anything good about the flu?  Believe it or not there are actually two good things about the flu.   They aren’t what you think. We aren’t talking about soup this time.

The 2 Silver Linings of the Flu

The first benefit of having the flu is that it tends to keep you and all of the members of your household out of trouble.  I mean it’s hard to move when the flu visits.  So this is the time to be thankful that you likely won’t get arrested, drink a little too much or do other things that you may later regret.  Depending what kind of person you are, this may be good news.

More importantly is that you can kick the flu’s tail in.  WHOA!   Are you ready to rumble? It’s time to battle this monster and win.  And you can.  In less than one day.  Everyone loves a good underdog story.  So all of you mommas to little ones, business owners, executives and humans with skin on are you ready to knock the flu on its behind?  I thought so. Let’s do this!

Keep in mind this tip isn’t coming to you directly from a Dr.  It’s coming indirectly from a Dr.  Advised and when tried, worked to perfection.  It’s always best to check first with your medical professionals before taking medical advice.  This goes without saying but here is how the flu was fought and won.

The Remedy Used to Take the Flu Out Once and For All:

6-8 grams of Vitamin C and 1 gram of Magnesium and just like that, Voila!  Back on track.  Take that Flu.  Rinse and repeat as needed, assuming your Doc say’s it’s cool. Then it’s time to say, Sayonara flu.

Heather Omtvedt is a 10 time author and the founder of multiple businesses.  Her latest book provides natural remedies to treat unexplained infertility, halitosis, low back pain, acne & wrinkles and the flu.  She also provides digital courses to enable individuals to failproof their life and love.  To learn more the book and other resources can be found at payhip.com/PrescriptiveLiving