During these uncertain times, things are a work in progress and anything is possible.  

I know this may makes some people want to lash out, but I am writing this even if it helps just one individual.  

Here are some ideas for things to do while we are home more than before.





Taking a walk

Taking a bubble bath

Spring cleaning

Joining an online workout

Completing that home improvement project


Scheduling a virtual wine, coffee, or playdate

Repeating a task of cleaning or organizing

Cleaning out your closet

Playing board games or putting a puzzle together

Making music

Knitting, crocheting, and sewing

Making art

Coloring and drawing

I realize as I was making this list that you may like one or more of these ideas but get angry; lack of Supplies, Silence, and Knowledge for your desired activities.

Accept: You may be working from home and have never done that before, You may be your child’s educator for the time being, and Quiet time may be a distant memory

Know: The sun will rise every morning, The moon will shine through the night, and We all have 24 hours in a day

It is effortless during these time to get into the bad habits. But you can get some me-time before everyone wakes up or after everyone goes to bed.  This is the time to do those creative things are you have never done before.

The I am currently working on a list of free resources – more to come.

*Remember to laugh from time to time.