“Full Effort = Full Victory.”

I stole that line from the instructor of the online yoga videos I do a few times a week.

He says that line as we’re (supposed to be) doing what I believe is called Crow Pose, in which you bring your knees to each tricep while balancing on your hands and arms. (The picture above steps it up to a new level.)

As an experienced beginner — I’ve been doing yoga awhile, but I’m not any good at it — I struggle with this pose. It feels as if I’m a split-second from burying my nose in the hardwood floor.

It’s in these moments, when the challenge is greatest, that I too often find myself backing off. My quads start burning, or my back starts tightening, or my desire starts waning, and I ease up on the gas pedal.

My mindset switches from “thrive” to “survive.”

Which is why I appreciate my teacher’s reminder to dig deeper, to breathe a little fuller, to hold on a little longer.

Any growth you experience, be it physical or emotional, falls in direct correlation with how much you’re willing to put into achieving it.

You have to push your boundaries and endure the burn in order to reap substantial benefits.

And if you end up with a face full of hardwood, you’ll only be stronger for it in the long run.

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