The world is full of emotions. These emotions create what we generally call, a behavior. It may be a depressed man or even a loyal dog. They all behave due to one simple reason – “Perspective”. A man’s depression might be due to a negative event in his life. Or a dog might be loyal due to the care provided by it’s owner. It is the result of one’s own perception of the situation.

People take offence or misbehave when something doesn’t happen their way but they don’t understand that there will always be a winner and a loser in a game, like the two faces of a coin.

What should be one’s reaction to a positive event? I say, be happy but be content. Too much happiness is never permanent because things will always get even. It is important to be satisfied with the result because, it prepares you to handle grief when and if it arise. Don’t judge others just because they are always happy or sad. We are always blind as to see or feel what they feel inside.

We must always feel but also see things from someone else’s perspective. Human relations are developed when you empathize with others. Look things from their perspective and understand. It also develops your character as a good person.

As WAYNE DYER said, “If you Change the Way you Look at Things, the Things you Look at Change”.              

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