Image by Deirdre Weedon from Pixabay

There’s so much going on in our world right now, so many things that play on our minds. I remember worrying about how I was going to make ends meet, what I was going to do about taking care of myself and my furry companion, and what would happen if I suddenly lost income because of the pandemic.

The job that I was supposed to start had to be revamped several times over, it was face-to-face, however, most of the employees were able to transition to a work from home environment, but, the initial training was to be in a classroom, with limited students, but still, I really didn’t feel comfortable with that arrangement. While not worried, per se, about said workplace, it was more of being potentially exposed to something in a room that was closed, having to use facilities that everyone else would be using, and the remote chance of sitting across from someone who didn’t have the best health practices. Because of the extreme risks, corporate stepped in, shut things down and now, my experience may also be moved to next year. I had this queasy feeling and just decided that a remote job would probably be more to my style and passed on the opportunity altogether. I am a writer and have been for several years, and writing just suits me better, I like freedom. I feel that at my age, (and I’m not saying anything bad) I cannot handle a regular nine to five type corporate job anymore, I’ve grown too much, I’m used to managing my time efficiently, heck, I could run the education department of most of these centers. Being as stressed out as I was working, coming home, trying to manage some sort of life, just wasn’t working for me. The version of this person that you see every day needed to change, something had to give. I thought about how to bounce forward because I knew that there was no strand of hope in holding on to something I didn’t really feel passionate about. That job wasn’t it for me.

I spoke to a few very dear friends, and they encouraged me to simply start writing a bit more, put my work out there, really dig in, and spend the time at home doing the things that I loved, and so, I did. I cleared the clutter, made the decision to embrace my talents, use them to help others, teach what I know, and thus, life gave me more clarity. No, it isn’t easy. I am a one-woman show, in charge of marketing, sales, editing, social media, the works. Now, I’m not painting a pretty picture here, make no mistake about it. There are days when the words do not come easily, sometimes I want to give up, other times, I know that I can’t. The one thing that I learned about being an authorpreneur is that if you want to succeed, you cannot give up.

I was blessed to have so many great examples of the power of persistence in my world. Many showed me by example the true meaning of success. I watched behind the scenes of the rise, and climatic fall of many of them, but I also got to witness their return, and it is true what they say, rising strong makes it all so much worth it. I had to re-learn that power, I had to learn to believe in myself and my strengths. I realized that peace of mind, living the kind of life that defined me was far more important. Spiritual ascension, maybe, but being aware is so much better than not seeing the very things that are and could be a blessing. Hope was right there all along.

In the process of clearing the clutter, there are a few things that you need to look at. First, what is worth the fight? What do you need to let go of, and what do you want to embrace? Who do you need to let go of? What do you truly believe in? These are deep questions, but necessary ones.
Next up, what drives you. By that, I mean what are you passionate about? Do you have a hobby that could potentially bring you income? during this time, we need to think beyond the corporate sphere. I’m not saying quit your day job but think about something that could generate a few extra in your wallet or bank account. Start small, ease into it, and see where it might take you.

Be smart with your money. I had to pair down a great deal, but I’m making good choices with where my money goes. If I don’t need it, aren’t going to use it right away, I don’t buy it. That goes for everything from food and clothes shopping to preparing a list for meals during the week, planning ahead has helped relieve the stress of daily life. Yes, I do indulge now and then, but those special little treats now mean so much more.

Try to develop a few healthy habits. Cook at home, it will save you money over takeout. Learn the art of grilling up that perfect steak or roasting the perfect chicken or making your own pasta and garlic bread. Trust me, it’s far better than pulling up at that drive-through window. Meditate, read, snuggle a pet, discover the joys of watching a good old fashioned late-night movie, do yoga, or dance around the kitchen. Give yourself permission to daydream a little, notice the things around you, go for a walk, refresh your mind. Turn off that computer or cellphone a bit earlier and just breathe. Call a friend and re-connect. Magic moments happen when we make room for them.

While we might not be able to reconnect in person with people, we can still hold space for them and be there when they need us, or likewise reach out to someone when you need to really get some perspective on life again. Lifelines come in all shapes, sizes, and forms; be one, find one. You never know how much one simple thought or a few words can change someone’s life.

There, isn’t that better?