Does this sound familiar? I used to think that the idea of meditation was a little woo woo and that there was no way it was for me. I didn’t think I had enough time for it and I could never achieve a perfectly clear mind so I shouldn’t even bother. Like many things once I learned more I found out I was mistaken. 

Mindful meditation is simply the practice of sitting quietly and calming your mind. The benefits are endless including aiding in weight loss! Who knew? After adopting this practice for awhile I can tell you I was surprised to discover that on the days I decided to skip it, I actually felt it and missed it. 

No, I haven’t achieved some higher level of consciousness or found the ability to clear my mind of all thought for hours at a time or even minutes at a time. However, it’s now an invaluable piece to my morning routine that sets me up for going through my days with intention and focus. 

If you’re interested in giving it a try here are a few of my suggestions: 

Find A Quiet Space?
Mindfulness is all about observation without judgment, so it’s important for beginners to eliminate the amount of sensory information they get when they first start out. If you’re surrounded by too much noise, your untrained brain will struggle to take in the moment. It’s best to begin your practice in a completely quiet, solitary environment.

Set A Timer⏰
It’s easy to get lost in mindfulness meditation. The respite from noise and stress is usually quite welcome. So, if you’re not following along with a pre-recorded guided meditation (meditation app), you should set a timer for 10-30 minutes (your choice).
This will prevent you from wondering how long you’ve been meditating. Time will usually pass by very slowly during your mindfulness meditation so your mind may begin to wander towards thoughts of time if you don’t set an alarm and forget about it.

Get Comfortable?‍♀️
Mindfulness meditation is not like some traditional meditations that require a bit of uncomfortableness. Many people insist on sitting in the traditional meditation pose, but that’s not possible or comfortable for everyone.

If your physical discomfort is distracting, change your position. It’s more important to be comfortable and focused than to challenge yourself with discomfort. Be sure not to get too comfortable and fall asleep!

Find Your Breath?
Before you begin your meditation, close your eyes and just listen and feel your breath. Many guided meditations will instruct you to do this, but it’s best practice to do this before starting any meditation.

Do you currently have a meditation practice? How has it helped you with your wellness? I’d love to hear all about it so please pop over to my FB page and share away!

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  • Colleen Cleary

    HHC, Founder of The Cleary Method

    Colleen Cleary is a certified holistic health coach, healthy habits expert, and independent rep with Zyia Activewear working in Portland, Oregon. She founded The Cleary Method to give her clients tools and strategies around mindset, healthy habits & nutrition so they can ditch dieting and get results that stick. In her off time she enjoys spending time with her boyfriend, Jim, 3 kids Jonathan, Sophie and Maddie, friends and BRFs in the local running group she manages. She also loves running and racing, trying new recipes, camping, traveling, chai tea and dark chocolate. Learn more about Colleen and her coaching practice at