Mother Nature is immensely generous in that she provides abundant ways for us to heal ourselves of many ailments without modern medicine. There are six natural healers which are absolutely free for everyone! They are: air, water, sunlight, rest, diet and exercise. If we make wise use of these natural remedies, we will pave the way to gaining perfect health.

AIR: Air is all around us. We breathe in air and the fresher the air is, the better it is for our health. Many people breathe with their mouth rather than through their nose. Nasal breathing is best for health. Nasal breathing is done through the nose with the mouth closed. Nasal breathing produces nitric acid, an essential messenger substance for relaxation. There is a higher intake of oxygen to the tissues while breathing through the nose. Breathing with the mouth open lowers immunity.

WATER: Drinking water is essential for maintaining good health. Drinking boiled water during the day flushes out toxins and rehydrates the tissues. It also strengthens the digestive fire. Drinking a few sips of boiled water every fifteen to thirty minutes can eliminate the root cause of most diseases. It is advisable to boil water for five to twenty minutes to purify it, and keep it in a flask to drink during the day.

SUNLIGHT: Sunlight is an essential ingredient for health. Sunlight enhances immunity and provides Vitamin D. Ten minutes of sun bathing in the early morning increases health and longevity. The rays emitted by the sun twelve minutes after sun rise are most nourishing to the body. The rays of light coming from the East enhance energy, creativity and inspiration.

REST: Rest is the basis of activity. “Early to bed, early to rise,” is a proverb we all know. Going to bed by ten o’clock and getting up before 6 am, is an important ingredient for maintaining good health. From ten at night until two in the early morning, the body assimilates all the ingredients digested during the day. This is a very important aspect of digestion and if we stay up late at night, this process is interrupted and the result is detrimental to health. The later one goes to bed, the less refreshed one feels in the morning.

DIET: Food is the best medicine if taken wisely. Proper diet is a major tool in maintaining health. If we eat the proper foods, we won’t need much medicine. The food should be fresh, organic, and free of GMO’s. The diet should suit our individual constitution and be prepared fresh for each meal. Not over-eating is important so that the body doesn’t get clogged up with undigested toxins. Be regular in meal times and eat your main meal at noon when the digestive fire is maximum. Eating late at night is not advisable as the food will remain undigested and undigested food may lead to diseases. Keep your attention on the food while eating. It is best not to stand up, watch TV or read while eating.

EXERCISE: Thirty minutes of exercise per day is recommended. An early morning walk is an exercise everyone can do, and it gives a fresh “pick me up” to the whole day. The intensity of the exercise routine should be tailored according to our physical build as well as our age. Cycling, swimming and aerobics are gentle ways to increase our stamina. Yoga postures are also a good way to increase flexibility and inner calmness. There should not be any strain while exercising and one should slow down if one begins to breathe heavily or if one perspires too much.