Looking at the forecast for the next week you can plan ahead by guessing the weather will be the opposite of what the meteorologists claim. That is today’s weather summary.

This is more about global climate changing and not global warming. The predictability of the weather is getting more difficult all the time. The main culprit to this weather chaos is all the jetliners flying high speeds at high altitudes and high heat swirling and vortexing around countering the natural atmosphere. All of this combined changes the upper atmosphere’s barometric pressure.

The U.S. Postal Service utilizes flights by others. But, the whole world has a combined total of more than 100,000 flights a day. Fedex and UPS combine for approximately 30,000 flights per day; one third of all flights each day. Crazy huh? We could actually control the weather if we could control their flight patterns. That is, if we can control the routes that the airliners take. Instead of flights taking the shortest route they would take a route that would benefit a plan created by scientists. And we must immediately stop the flights going over the polar caps.

Traveling is great and getting there faster makes it more enjoyable. It may be necessary to travel less which is doable if necessary to save the world. But, worst of all are the package transporters who fly all over the place. Some delivering a dinner package overnight from New York to L.A.

Airliners in the upper atmosphere create heat and vortexes unnatural to normal earth systems. It’s like blowing a hairdryer into a fan. Throw water into that and you have a real mess.

The majority of flights utilize the jet stream to go with the flow and save some doe. That concentrates the turmoil.  Instead, perhaps the flights should be scheduled to fly in a web patern which would evenly distribute the disruption.  

If we could all work together the flights could be coordinated to add and subtract the necessary impact to neutralize the weather so it is the way it is supposed to be. Or we could actually utilize the jetliners to make the weather better for the necessary areas. If California is getting a little dry, flights could be rerouted to actually control the weather and give them a couple days of light rain. If every package didn’t have to be delivered the next day, those flights could be rerouted. The government needs to step in and first of all inspire colleges to research this theory. Once that is proven, shouldn’t take long, create a committee that is not controlled by the airliner owners and have them evenly distribute the flight plans accordingly. By each airline given schedules, each will share responsibility and credit for saving the earth.

There once was a naval ship caught in a major storm in the Caribbean. The waves were larger than thirty feet. They were getting kicked around like a rubber duck in a kid’s bathtub. The captain got the bright idea to gather information concerning the barometric pressure in the general area. Who knows where he got this information. It was about the time when a computer was the size of an ice cream truck. He obtained a printout and it looked like a golf course contour map. The captain analyzed the data and saw a higher pressure system nearby. Having to continue to battle the storm the captain found his pocket of higher barometric pressure and he found safety. The waves were still large, but, the storm was about half as bad.

The point here is the jet engines in the upper atmosphere are also impacting the barometric pressure around the world. By manipulating the flight patterns and lowering the amount of air travel, #packaging, the weather can be manipulated and changed in our favor. Our favor, means the world’s favor. This isn’t just for the United States of America, but, for all. This is for the future of the world.

Jets flying in the upper atmosphere change the temperature and barometric pressure shifting air upwards. And by several jets flying in a clockwise direction at a radius of about 20 miles could create it’s own high pressure system. Add that to your weather model and see what happens. It can help divert a low pressure system like Hurricane Marie from hitting an island directly like Puerto Rico. Look at all the forest fires in California. It is creating it’s own high pressure system. So much so it is diverting the jet stream which is very rare.

The sky is cryin’ because the upper atmosphere is being ripped apart. When the upper atmosphere is naturally 60 degrees below zero and the jet exhaust is over 700 degrees above zero, who could argue?


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