I’ve been suffering from sleep deprivation for as long as I can remember. I am very passionate about what I do, and I have a hard time “turning off” at night. I’m also a big believer in finding natural ways to fix health issues, rather than immediately turning to medication. I read tons of studies on insomnia, but all the recommended solutions were complex and required me to make significant changes to my daily routine, which seemed almost impossible to follow. 

Then I decided to try the Thrive App, using one simple Microstep — keeping my phone out of my bedroom. As soon as I implemented the Microstep into my routine, I started to notice a difference. Without the distraction of my phone at night, my mind was finally able to shut down, and my sleep improved almost immediately. I also noticed that my energy improved, and overall, I felt better than I had in years.

As I got busy with work, I started bringing my phone into my bedroom again to check my messages before I went to sleep for the night. Before long, my insomnia returned. I wasn’t able to connect the dots as to what went wrong. My husband eventually pointed out to me that I had slept better when I left my phone outside the bedroom, so I decided to try again. I started leaving my phone in my office at night, and my sleep improved like magic.  

I continued to use the Thrive App to remind me to keep up with my Microstep, so I wouldn’t slip up again. It didn’t take medicine, vitamins, or any special exercises to fix my problem. I’m very grateful to Thrive for showing me that one simple change can profoundly improve our lives. It just took one little Microstep to get the sleep I needed, and this small change made all the difference. 

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