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Gen Z has gained the reputation as the go to generation to activate positive change movements for some of the world’s greatest ills. Climate change, racial injustice and gun control, to name a few. Youth leaders like Greta Thurnberg have rallied not only their peers, but entire communities.

As the co-founder of LookUp, we give young people the opportunities, tools, and agency to thrive in a digital world. We empower Gen Z to create and develop solutions that counteract the harms of social media dependence, digital overload, and social isolation while activating tech for good and digital activism. The release of The Social Dilemma brings these issues to the forefront. Have you seen it? You must!

By September 22nd the trailer had over 4 million views and was holding steady at #4 on Netflix. The film is sounding the alarm bells in 190 countries in 130 languages, and the world is waking up to the enormity of issues we are facing as digital citizens. Gen Z is the generation to step to the forefront with hope, ingenuity and determination to change the course for the future. Their future.

Kathleen McCartney, president of Smith College, writes on Thrive Global “Why Gen Z Activists Are the Leaders of Tomorrow” where she states, “We are at an inflection point when we need the kind of idealism that is emblematic of young people today.” The Social Dilemma asks for Gen Z’s very idealism and confidence so they can inspire others as they help solve the harms social media and digital overload has brought to our lives. Those who grew up with the evolution of social media are best positioned to create the movement to shift social norms away from 24/7 connectivity to a more humane and “real” world. Let’s bring all of these change makers together!

Join Us and Register Here for the LookUp Youth 4 Youth Summit!

The LookUp Youth 4 Youth Summit on October 24 is the gathering place for youth who want to take action. Tristan Harris, in the film, somberly states, “This is checkmate on humanity.” For many adults the darkness of the film overwhelms, but Gen Z brings the hope.

Seeking speakers, panelists, workshop leaders, thought leaders and avid enthusiasts for the movement.

  • Are you already a youth leader in this movement?
  • Have you taken a break from social media and experienced a difference? 
  • Are you a designer focused on ethical tech?
  • Are you a thought leader among your peers? 
  • Do you have an idea you want to bring to your campus?

Please fill out our Speaker Submission Form. The world needs you! 

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