Social networks are widely used by almost every age group in the world, therefore there are consequences to this. In this story I will be revealing the consequences of social networks to the new generation. 

Teenagers and young adults are the most active on social media and they happen to use it for almost everything involving their activities. Activities include going out, assignments, discussing their private lives, etc. Well at this time of the human stage, parents also join social networks to check on the activity of their children. This ends up being the worst or best idea, that’s because most teenagers and young adults are not able to talk about their problems to their parents then they go on social media to talk about it. 

It hurts a lot for a parent to actually not know what their child is feeling and to only hear it from someone else who is connected to their children on social media. Furthermore, parents are seemingly invading their children’s privacy when they spy on their children on social media.

It sometimes goes bad when a teenager takes their life and later on a parent finds the reasons on why their child did it. The reasons revolving mostly on the parents can bring lifetime depression to parents as they never payed much attention while the child was alive.

Parents should from now on should join social networks for fun instead on spying at their children. The only time a parent can do that, should be when the child is acting strange. I hope that this story can reach as many parents as possible.


  • Themba Raphael Mahlangu

    Development Manager and Writer

    University of Johannesburg Alumni

    Born in Middelburg, Mpumalanga, South Africa. I am a young writer that seeks to change the way Africa is perceived. My thoughts are deeply influenced by the pan African thought, so I believe that Africa can be better united. I currently hold a Barchelor Degree in Development Studies, in a development perspective, Africa can be what it ought to be if ever there were no factors of which I discuss throughout every story I'll be telling here. Lastly, I also promote leadership as a couple of stories I published focus on what leadership roles have been taken in the last decade in South Africa and African countries.