Charity - Spiritual display by 4 plants

Everyone loves receiving gifts. If anyone doesn’t feel any happiness when a person sends them a gift, then things are not normal. Coming to the point, did you ever think about why happiness is associated with the receiving of anything?

Just like you, I also used to feel happy after getting anything. With time, the happiness of receiving gifts didn’t vanish, but I found another source through which I felt happier, and I literally mean it!

Salary, gift, prize, finding something lost, even a compliment, all of these entities make us happy. We all receive such things through each phase of life. And it’s normal to feel happy about it. But what about giving? It could be anything; gift, charity, praise, approval, food, water, anything. Do we feel the same level of happiness? Or are we even happy when it comes to giving things away for any cause? I don’t think so!

Our generation has been conditioned in a way that when we receive something, our dopamine shoots. Even if it’s a minor admiration on social media, we feel out of this world because another human who is similar to us gave us something. But our mind becomes resistant when we think of doing the same. It’s due to the poisoned chemistry of the chemical responsible for making us happy, dopamine.

Dopamine is triggered when we receive something. That’s why we feel immense pleasure every time we get something. On the contrary, when it comes to helping others by any means, we literally suck!

The reason behind is the selfish nature of human being. As the world is developing rapidly and the states are running for more and more financial gain to strengthen their economic status, the level of poverty is increasing, and the rich are getting richer. Eventually, all of these factors exert pressure on our living, and thus, our scope of living is reduced.

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Apparently, such conditions get under our skin, and we become vigilant in taking care only of ourselves and our beloved ones. What about the others who are continuously getting pissed off every day?

That’s when the true concept behind giving shows up. The deed of giving is loved so much by God that He loves to do business with His creatures. Do you feel the beauty? That’s the spiritual trade. You invest in this temporary world and enjoy the reward in the afterlife.

Once you start feeling happy in giving away, you will realize that this wealth that you think is yours is not really yours. It’s given to you by the Lord of the Worlds so that you can spend it for His cause.

The best monetary investment is the investment done in the way of Almighty!

I know it’s a challenge to spend a good amount of money for the Divine cause, but the truth is evident. The more you give away in charity, the more your money will increase from unknown resources. It’s because spending for Him is a sign of gratitude, and He has promised to give us more when we sincerely thank Him for His blessings.

The societal and domestic pressure will act as an obstacle in doing such a good deed. I believe it’s the responsibility of the parents to prepare their kids to give charity from an early age. Today, to do a virtue has become quite difficult, and bad deeds can be done easily. That’s why, if the parents inculcate such good morals and the essence of share and care in the children, the world can witness a financially stable humanity one more time.