Christmas Spirit 

The Spirit of Christmas will forever shine like the brightest star in the heavens. 

 “Yes, Virginia… There is a Santa Clause” is the line from a truly classic story of a little girl who was told there was no Santa Clause. He was not real. She wrote to a local newspaper and asked the question, “Is there a Santa Clause?” Of course, the editor of the paper printed an Op-Ed explaining how there is a Santa Clause, and all that came with this Mythical person. It is the Spirit of Christmas that is the Real Santa Clause. The perception of the idea of Christmas and all it holds was the meaning of the article. We, as people, are what makes Christmas what it is. Many aspects make up the Spirit of Christmas. Giving, hope, good cheer, love, understanding, helping, goodwill towards men. These are the feelings of Christmas that support the things that go along with this beautiful holiday like Presents, children, Xmas trees, decorations, parties, cookies & candy, and such. It may seem that material things have taken president over the feelings for Christmas. I do not necessarily believe this to be true. Yes. Christmas is over-commercialized very hard, and much stake is put in to “giving” things for Christmas. “What did you get for Christmas” is heard out of the mouth of almost everyone you meet around the holidays. Department Stores and Malls are packed with stuff for Christmas. Right after Thanksgiving, the shopping season starts for Christmas. The turkey isn’t even cold yet, and out the door, we go to buy things for Christmas. Well, Let’s take a hard look at the wording of this phrase and phrases like it. You will notice that they all have two words in common. Those words are “For Christmas.” Webster’s Dictionary’s definition of “For” is as follows: 

 —used as a function word to indicate the object or recipient of perception, desire, or activity. 

 Webster’s Dictionary’s definition of Christmas is as follows:

 -the annual Christian festival celebrating Christ’s birth held on December 25 in the Western Church.

 I have highlighted and broken this phrase down like this so we can take a good hard look into the meaning of “for Christmas.” I believe if I am reading it right and comprehending it correctly. Everything everyone is doing around this particular time of year is For Jesus Christ. It is even done in his name. Am I getting this Right…? I believe I am, and I think it is lovely that all these people are giving gifts in the celebration of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Is it not incredible? Just think of all the money spent for the Glory of GOD why it is almost overwhelming if you think about it. All the parties, dinners, presents, candy & cookies, Xmas trees all for Jesus Christ. Then there are all the beautiful decorations people put up everywhere, all for Christ’s sake. Houses strung with lights. Front yards are turned into little Bethlehem’s with nativity scenes. Trees are cut and decorated with tinsel and sparkling lights and what’s on top of the beautiful tree.. an Angel. A Christmas angel. Inspirational Christmas cards are sent to our friends and family expressing joy and good tidings for the New Year coming up. All this for the Glory and Praise of the birth of The World’s One Redeemer and Our Personal Savior Jesus Christ. Well, I am personally overjoyed at the revelation I have come upon. I have celebrated Christmas for many years, knowing full well the “reason for the season.” However, this Christmas will be a little more extra special, having come across this fascinating insight. 

 Even if the average person does not get to understand what all this Christmas stuff is about and believes Christmas is giving gifts and going to parties, that’s OK too. Because it is all for Jesus and their not knowing or believing this does not remove a bit from the fact that Jesus Christ is what it is all about. Everything is about the Birth of Christ, and that my friends are The Spirit of Christmas working. That is the Spirit of Christmas being displayed, for the glory of God, for everyone to see. That is the Spirit of Christmas moving in each twinkling light, glowing in glory, 

 the name of Christ our savior reflecting on us the light of our forgiven sins and the eternal life promised through the birth of Jesus Christ Our Lord. Well. I believe in the Spirit of Christmas, by that alone, I am free. That is the best gift you will ever get for Christmas. The one gift that you won’t return. The one gift all heart’s desire. This is the one gift that was given to you by blood. The one gift that when you open, it removes sin, washes you clean, you begin a new way of life, a new beginning. I know for sure that is, by far, the Best gift I have ever got. Above all that, it costs me nothing. It does not take batteries or need plugging in, for it has an endless supply of power. I do not think I will take this gift and put it in a corner and forget about it. I know what I’m going to say to people, this year, when they ask me, “what did you get for Christmas?” I am going to say, ” I got free… freedom”. I hope other people will accept and open this gift this holiday season. I also hope the people who have this gift will give it away as many times as they can. It is for us to pass on this gift and see that the Christmas Spirit is alive and well. That it walks among us, especially this time of year. So let’s celebrate The Spirit of Christmas this year and for all the years to come.