“What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others.”–Pericles – Greek Philosopher

Releasing karma and emotionally regulating will be really helpful during these times. Going through finances, back-up sales or any downfalls had in the past few months. Minimizing your travels and cancelling our plans is the plan of action. It will be helpful to release karmic patterns to let go of the fear and after effect. Letting go of it will help you plan a brighter future. It will help you stay very present on what truly matters to you like your health, work, family, friends and the future of our world. 

Many emotions are coming up for many people. You may be worried, angry and stressed that this virus has come up in just the beginning of our year 2020. To be honest, safety is first at this point because the CoronaVirus has many similar characteristics that have come up in our past (it shows up un-expected then leaves un-expectedly just like a bad Ex!).

Although there is a significant difference in the black plague and the corona-virus they are pretty much similar in fame. The number of business close-downs are staggering and has really scared us into survival mode! Do not let this get the best of us. Make yourself thrive globally with this article that has come just in time for you to focus on you with meditation, bubble bath and nice chocolate with safety first in our minds!

The Spiritual Prevention System

To- Do: Plan things out with your co-workers on how to move forward because history repeats itself. Try and focus on the small things in life and stay positive. Be super present with family and friends. 

The Magic of Yin – Yin is the energy that lets you chill out after a longs day of work. Allow yourself to indulge. Let go of all daily stressors and try a new meditation, zen out and change your outlook on work and life. It can be pleasurable for you.  

The Magic of Yang – Take powerful action on those businesses you want to invest your time in and do things you care about the most with your family. Go the extra mile. Pay attention to those closest to you and focus on your family. 

We have all come up with some ideas on what has been causing the virus. This is the anti-virus for it since nobody offers a solution for it. We all have to overcome this poverty through positive thought and not the thought of disease. If I review it’s the spiritual significance I would say that we all know too much about it and still haven’t found the solution until we do.

This is your go-to article to take care of your mind, body and spirit while this famous virus tries to take over our minds. 

Stay positive, we got this!