The universe is calling. Can you feel it? Can you hear her? She is making you restless. The status quo isn’t enough anymore.

She’s asking you to listen. Listen to your soul. You heart. Find your purpose. 

We have much to do. Love to feel and express. Lessons to un-learn. Joy to be had. Laughter to bubble up from the bottom of our feet and out our mouths. Connections to make. Healing of old wounds. Pack old patterns away.

It’s your time. Your time to shine. To be who you desire to be. Step into your supernova and be the soul-attractor that you are. 

Let your body be your messenger. Let it guide you. Tell you what you need to answer her call. 

Here is an activity to help you tune in: Close your eyes. Take a breath. Now from the tip of your toes to the top of your head. Scan your body. Just notice what you feel. Is there any tightness, pain etc? Do this a couple of times throughout the day. Start to notice where you feel and how you feel. When you feel frustration. What happens in your body? Where is it? What does the frustration, feel or look like. Keep doing this over the next couple of days. Once you start to understand how you feel and the language of your body, you can use it to guide you to what you need. 

You can tune in and use the body to lead you to step into and stay in your power. Know yourself. Know that it is all possible.