Coming from a small village of Estonia, Martin Mander has by now reached into the global business arena. Even though being raised in a countryside with no role models of business or thinking big, he has always known he wants to create a completely different life. Not only for himself but also for the people around him, especially his parents who had been working hard in their milk farm all their lives to take care of him and his sister.

In October 2016, at the age of 31, one of Martin ́s big dreams came true. He was able to go home and tell his parents they never need to work again. From this moment on, his mom and dad have been travelling the world and meanwhile enjoying life in their farm which by now has no more cows to take care of.

First stepping stones

The success story of Martin is far from being easy or fast. In fact, it’s been the other way around. After following his friends, he too went to study to become a car mechanic. However, even though he finished school he had started, it wasn ́t long until he discovered this surely is not his thing.

It was during his 11 months in the army when and where he got his first experience of being a leader. Constantly challenging himself to grow and to get out of his comfort zone is something which he has been doing ever since.

After the army he tried out several different jobs – he worked as a security guy and after that as a supervisor in a ventilation-isolation company. Nevertheless, once again, it wasn’t long until Martin had reached to the top of the earning potential, and saw no perspective to develop further.

All of it happened while it was popular to go to work in Finland as the salaries were so much higher there. He had been there just half a year when he realised it is not so much about having more money but just having less time and opportunities to spend it, which made it seem like such a big difference. He decided to return to Estonia.

From employee to a businessman

Martin had heard from a friend who was in a real-estate business how profitable it was. As a result, at the age of 21, he started as a real-estate broker. In order to do so, it was necessary to own his own company.

“It was such a big step and a huge thing. You know, to have my own company and a business card with my name,” he is laughing now, when trying to recall what it was like back then.

The reason he remembers it so clearly is because it was the first time when he got to wear clean clothes while going to work and earn money while communicating with different people: „It was finally one of the occupations I actually liked and enjoyed.“

In his eyes, the only thing missing was passive income, meaning that when he did not leave home, nothing happened. Otherwise everything was going well. Probably it would have continued this way unless the boom finished and big crises hit. It was time to move on.

Never again!

As a next step Martin was introduced to network marketing, without really being aware it was network marketing: „The people who told me about this business, did not know too much and were not able to explain it properly.“

Nevertheless, from this moment on, he has had two paths – traditional business and network marketing.

It took him a year to build some sort of an organisation but as this business was based on a product and the crises came, people did not order any more and everything collapsed. „The company was not ready to adjust accordingly and my entire business started to melt away,“ says Martin who was really disappointed back then as he had been promised passive income.

As he is the type of person who likes to finish which he has started, he admits that it took him another year trying and pushing until he gave up for good.

However, it seemed so unfair to him that after working so much, everything just disappeared and fell back to zero: „From that moment I made a decision that never again shall I get involved with any network marketing company!“

One failure after another

At the same time also his traditional business failed as he did almost nothing right and was spending money he did not even have yet.

As a result he went to bankruptcy, was thrown out from his apartment and was forced to move back to his parents ́ house: „I think what I missed the most, was a mentor. Someone to guide and help me and to share their experience.“

Even though it was a difficult period where he often woke up and the only thought in his mind was what to eat, this time also had several valuable life lessons in its ́ sleeve. „It helped me to understand that this surely is the kind of life I never ever want to experience again!“

Another lesson was connected to mentorship: „I realised how important is to find someone who is already there where I want to go as it helps to decrease the number of mistakes.“

From this point onward, the entrepreneurship was again on this table. This time more seriously than ever before.

New company, new beginning

„I just took one concept and worked really hard until I was back on a surface,“ describes Martin how he managed to restart his business and actually his entire life. They started to export a paste to clean silver and gold.

He used all the main shopping centres in Tallinn for direct sales as the product was so good that who ever saw what can be done, bought it.

In fact, within a few years they had reached to the point that they had no one to sell this product. Everyone who liked it, had already bought, but from one tube it was enough for a couple of years. Taking all of this into account, Martin decided to enter to the bigger market and in 2012 he moved to the US to start selling this product over there.

In another side of an ocean

After spending 3 months in another side of an ocean, he was introduced to one network marketing company which he was not interested in. Nevertheless, as it was his business partner from traditional business, he was literally forced to listen to be polite.

When sitting there, Martin quickly understood that it is no ordinary network marketing but tightly connected to traditional businesses. He also saw that this concept helps to solve the biggest issue almost every business owner is facing every single day – how to get more customers.

It was not long until he was sitting with a pen and paper, writing down pros and cons of staying in the US and flying back to Estonia to start with this business which was just about the be introduced in this market.

„Because this project seemed this so much bigger and more powerful, I decided to put my own business on hold, and despite having left Estonia only couple of months earlier, flew back home, and the rest is history,“ recalls Martin how it all started in September 2012.

Out of comfort zone

One of his biggest fears is the fear of public speaking. However, he knew that this is exactly the fear he needs to face when wanting to become successful: „Since the very beginning, I remember someone saying that the one who is standing in front of the room, will be earning the most!“ To someone whose natural state is being quiet and humble, it is not the easiest thing to do.

By now, 7 years later, despite having had more than 3000 one to one meetings, after holding several hundreds of business seminars and having spoken even in a big arena in front of more than 10 000 people, he can still not sleep the night before.

He is well aware it can be a bit hard to imagine. „I believe most people find it difficult to believe,“ he laughs at himself while confirming once again this is exactly how it is. Another fear of him is approaching and talking to strangers. “I really would much more happily spend time alone in a dark corner,“ he concludes, being absolutely serious about it.

First things first

One of Martin ́s strongest motivation which has pushed and kept him focused during those years, are his parents. „I know how difficult it is to escape from the type of farm work my parents were doing. I also knew I am the only solution or otherwise they will just work until they die,“ he explains.

His dream was to give his parents complete freedom to be, go, travel and enjoy life without having to worry about their farm, work or money. As mentioned in the beginning, in October 2016 this became reality.

It is also a foundation of his business philosophy that no matter what happens, family always needs to come first. By now, when all his and his family ́s needs are met and covered, for Martin, the main goal is to accomplish something which no one has ever done before.

The power of teamwork

“What is the point of success when it can not be shared with friends?” asks Martin who surely does not want to be on a top alone.  “Together we are strong” are not just words for him but there is a huge power and value in teamwork as none of us is as smart or talented as all of us together.

Therefore, this visionary who is on a mission to make a history, is at the same time focused on empowering others. It is no exaggeration to say that more than enjoying being highly successful, he loves helping and mentoring others.

In fact, one of his dreams is to sit quietly – humble as he is – in the last row and to watch his team members to walk across the big stages, accomplishing their goals.

It is Martin ́s belief that at the end of the day, it is all about people and mutual memories of this amazing and crazy journey called life.

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With over 200k followers, Martin now shares his success, life of luxury and travel with his thriving fan base over at Instagram at @Martin_Mander. With a lot of stories to share – Martin finds it easy to communicate to his following, routinely sharing tips and tricks on business, life and beyond.