Wedding Officiant

It was one summer afternoon of 2005. I was living in Jersey City then and was working in Manhattan. I developed acute shoulder pain. I was looking for a therapist who could help me heal. I can still remember the very moment she walked into my small apartment.

Ria was radiant and beautiful inside out. She entered my life too that day as a fellow life traveler. There was just something in her which she left with me in all these sixteen years that we know each other.

I remember she gently put down the portable massage table she carried and placed her bag. I filled the form before she proceeded with the therapy. I could sense that I could fully trust her. She brought her whole self and was present with me the entire time with warmth, love, and joy. Her therapy worked wonders for me. I was eventually healed.

I learned from her that she worked on Wall Street for eight years. At that time, I had just started working there. She left me with a lot of questions. I admit, at twenty-five years old, my definition of success was making it in the world of Finance and Banking. I was also intrigued at why someone would leave the world of Wall Street to be a Healer! You can tell I have come a long way in my own journey of evolution. Little did I know that day that I would be traveling the same path after fourteen years!

The universe places beautiful radiant beings all along on our paths. We may not understand them at that time but with time we will.

March is celebrated as Women’s History Month. I want to celebrate her spiritual being and her divine self. Reverend Ria Roth is a Wedding Officiant, Spiritual & Meditation Teacher, Holistic Practitioner, Artist, Oneness Facilitator, and Spanish Language Interpreter in private practice since 2000. Born and raised in New York City, she attended High School and the first three years of college in the US Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, where her parents were born. She moved back to New York and graduated from Hunter College of the City of New York with a BA degree in Philosophy. She started her business Ria Wellness after discovering her true purpose in the Healing Arts. She has officiated hundreds of weddings of all faiths and religious backgrounds. As a Holistic Practitioner, she works with individuals to unblock what holds them back so that they can experience happiness and fulfillment in life.

Her personal journey has included a traditional Christian upbringing, an apprenticeship with a Taoist coach, mentoring by a Native American Shaman, learning meditation at the feet of a wise spiritual teacher, and studying in India under the guidance of Awakened Beings. Ria has also recorded Meditation and Sacred Music CDs – the Moola Mantra Chant and Chakra Clearing Meditation are readily available on Amazon. She also creates beautiful, one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted blessed candles to bless a marriage, to use in a Unity Candle Ceremony, for meditation, to facilitate healing, as a memorial candle and for many other intentions, as the person requests.

I am truly blessed to meet a self-realized being like Ria. On Women’s History Month, I am honored to celebrate her joyful history as she transcended her own challenges to respond to her calling to serve humanity with her unique gifts.

Ria’s life journey is a path less travelled. She lives a life that matters to her. So I asked her if she would share her life wisdom with me. She said,

We are here to remember who we are. We transform the world by transforming ourselves

You can learn more about her and her work from her website, Ria Wellness

Thank you once again, Universe, for placing beautiful human beings on my path!