Ryan White. A 28-year-old young man who is self-employed. His story begins with someone who came from a small town called Lakeland, Georgia which consists of only a 3,300 population. He was raised in an educational home as both parents worked for the state school system. He remembers his family always being secure but never wealthy.

Ryan first started making money in the Instagram space four to five years ago. He was growing pages up to 50,000 to 100,000 followers and generating a few thousand monthly doing paid promo collaborations with brands. He recalls never truly being fulfilled being a paid promoter and knew he wanted to do more with his life but was not yet sure what that looked like. At that moment, he made the decision to step away from that line of work and sold his pages for a few thousand USD each. Six months later, he decided to make another appearance on the Instagram platform, this time focusing on his own personal brand, @RyanWhite, which impressively he was able to grow his brand from 1,300 followers to 212,000 followers since March 2017. There were a few months he was able to achieve a growth rate of 10,000-30,000 followers per month!

At this time, Ryan states he knew there was huge value in what he was able to accomplish within the Instagram space, so he decided to test his growth methods on friends’ pages as well. Soon after their pages were booming, Ryan decided to find accounts within the most random niches and quickly discovered his methods were working on pages from all diverse backgrounds. His team was even displaying the ability to target prospective clients and leads by either niche or geo targeting.

After landing a few businesses on his client sheet, Ryan started receiving numerous testimonies about how the brands he was managing were now making more online sales and their website traffic had doubled or in some cases tripled. It was in this moment, he states he knew he had found true value in what he had been accomplishing.

At the time of the publishing of this article, Ryan now owns a full-scale social media marketing company named Social Revelation Marketing (IG: @socialrevelation) which is on track to reach its first $1,000,000 in sales within a 16-month period. Social Revelation Marketing has partnerships with other marketing agencies located in Detroit, New York, Los Angeles, West Palm Beach, Australia, and Canada who white label Social Revelation’s service to their own clients. Ryan projects the company’s revenue to double by summer 2019. The company has already been offered $3 million by an investor who asked to be kept anonymous, which is high for such a new start-up.

For those interested in learning some basic information about Social Revelation Marketing:

Q: What is Social Revelation Marketing and how will it benefit me or my business?

A: Social Revelation Marketing is a social media marketing company with an extensive focus on the lucrative Instagram platform. In its simplest form, we drive brands targeted traffic through social media outlets. As a by-product of this traffic, we can help generate more growth through an organic increase in impressions, reach, engagements, website traffic, and sales. We also have a large network of influencers on every major social media platform that we leverage to complete various client goals. If you need anything in the social media marketing space, Social Revelation Marketing can typically provide it.

Social Revelation Marketing now manages over 500+ clients from all over the world. Ryan has worked his way to being recognized globally as a 7 figure digital entrepreneur.< To connect with Ryan and his team, visit www.officialryanwhite.com or email directly at [email protected]