The story is not logical. It is not orderly or mechanical. Life is unpredictable. The unexpected and impossible happen. We are born with dreams and driven by desire. Lots of things that aren’t logical feel incredibly right. Love is often breathtaking – but not logical. It’s always evolving. There’s always some kind of love in the story.

It starts with sperm and egg, an explosion of connection that never stops until old age or death. Life is spontaneous. Your story belongs to you. Be brave.

The rule for a good story is to honor Life. You can feel what that takes by noticing what you sense. Your ability to sense what matters is spontaneous search engine thinking defies logic and dogma to find what feels right. Be thankful and trust what feels right.

Gratitude is intuitive bravery. It is a sensual dimension of reasoning that goes beyond logic and is outside the box of dogma. It is intuitive sunlight that clears your head, renews excitement, heals worry and brings balance to the flow of Living. Stay outside the matrix with this powerful perspective.

Logic and psychology, push us to adjust our thinking, rather than to sense the flow, and evolve. Emotional reasoning and intellectual dogma stifle us. While logic or psychology can make sense in the context of the moment, the moment is already passing.

Life and love are defined by experience. Nothing is ever the same twice. Sensuality is simple presence. Change is melody and Love is soul. Stay tuned to what’s real.

Between your reasoning mind and deeper dimensions of sensual thinking, are powerful skills of lucid living. Everything you sense is naturally ripe multidimensional awareness of timing. With every breath, options shift. Physical, mental, emotional connections with resilience and purpose evolve. You are born to evolve. Tune to change. You can sense what you need. Intuition will tell the thinking mind where to look next. ~ Jonas Salk

Sensual thinking sources excitement and bravery in the stream of change to nudge us to leaping off points of purpose and understanding. Without thinking, we land with serene “aha” moments of amazement. The story is the full spectrum – from passionate to peaceful.

Curiosity, dignity and wonder are organic tools that intuitively ground your logical mind and emotional heart –– so that in a blink, a heartbeat and without thinking –– things come together. It’s easy.

Think less, sense more and dance with rhythms of living. The story is bigger than dreams or hopes. The place you are right now is exactly where you belong. Sensual choices drive quantum leaps between dimensions of potential and being.

Love is our magic. Options include every level of possible. Explore love. Be playful, poetic or passionate. Feel your mojo. Intuition is there to nudge you and drive action because you are born to be great. Every day brings surprises. The power of change is the path that sparkles. Stay with it. You will be glad.

Everything you can sense makes the ordinary, extraordinary. Life is amazing. Take a breath. Let your eyes, lips, tongue, heart and mind be present. Connect what you do with who you are. There’s rhythm and soul in your story. Enjoy the music of sublime freedom. Be grateful and find satisfaction. .

Courage, dignity, self-respect and heart bring flavor, texture and timing into the conversation of being. Fine tune who you are. You will sense meaning and purpose and these will be your story.

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