With each passing year, it
feels like Groundhog Day. Yes, I am a woman. A woman who struggles
all day long just to gain some respect in the male-dominated tech
industry. And if things don’t change anytime soon, I am sure women
will soon be extinct. Although the tech sector has earned a
reputation as a hub of forward-looking places to work. Unfortunately,
these tech trailblazers are lagging behind in one surprising area,
i.e. of gender equality. According to the current stats, Indian
technology industry has 26% women in engineering roles. Which means
for every female engineer there are three male engineers. As a
result, over-representation was found just around 34%.

Moving on, female
employees make up between 26% (Microsoft) and 44% (Paypal) at major
tech companies. However, change is there. For example, at Google, a
software engineer was fired after writing a memo that argued that
biological differences — such as women experiencing higher levels
of anxiety and less tolerance for stress — explained why there were
fewer women in top engineering and leadership position at the

After examining the career
trajectories of today’s techies, especially the ones who moved into
managerial positions and data, the survey found that the transition
of men on an average to managerial positions is usually after six
years of experience while women move to these roles after eight years
of experience. In addition to this down below, I would like to
mention few companies for women in tech.

BNY Mellon

BNY Mellon is the No.1
pick when it comes to choosing top companies for women/female
technologists. The company allows valued participation of women at
each level of their technical workforce driving new approaches to the
industry-leading services and solutions.


Being a firm believer in a
culture that thrives on diversity, the company itself says that they
are committed to gender equality. In fact, it may quite interest you
to know that they have already surpassed our goal to reach 40% women
new hires worldwide by 2017.

American Express

It has been around a
decade, American Express has helped women entrepreneurs thrive
through partnering with leading women’s advocacy organizations,
commissioning industry-leading research and celebrating women
via programs such as the 50 Fastest Women-Owned/Led
Businesses in North America announcement. The OPEN’s Women’s
Business Initiative continues to evolve and OPEN encourages women to
share how they are #poweringtomorrow on twitter, facebook or your


In an era of
ever-intensifying competition for talent, companies that can appeal
to and retain different kinds of workers are more likely to succeed.
And eBay is one of those.

Go Daddy

The web hosting company
that has been hard at work to shake its sexist reputation. For years,
Go Daddy has been working hard to improve its own culture internally,
both to better reflect its commitment to diversity and to better
support women in tech. Several women-oriented initiatives including
leadership engagement, talent magnets were taken.


A Google employee’s
manifesto arguing that programs increasing race and gender diversity
be replaced with a commitment to “ideological diversity” has
spread rapidly across social media sparking a furious backlash.

Understanding people
and the ways in which they will interact with your system is
fundamental to every step of building a system,” Yonatan Zunger, a
senior Google employee.


Women are less
likely to enter, more likely to leave tech-intensive business roles
As of now things are changing for better. Women do find bright future
in the tech industry.