Get off the Struggle Bus!

As I make my rounds to holiday gatherings in my neighborhood and at work, and continue my holiday prepping/shopping I find myself in the same conversation over and over again with busy women who know I’m a health coach.

It goes something like this…”I need to make changes in the New Year…I need to lose weight/workout/get more sleep/stress less. I’ve tried everything and struggle to stick with anything after a few weeks” Followed up with “What do you recommend?”

I always love talking health and wellness, and want to share what I know with my friends, family and colleagues, of course! So when I’m asked what the secret is to being healthy and fit, or what diet or workout will work, I lean in and whisper…


Yep. That’s right. They all work. Keto. Paleo. Weight Watchers. Whole 30. Barre Method. Spin. Yoga.

But here’s the caveat…they won’t ALL work for YOU (each of us has a different body type and composition) and NONE of them will work long-term without support and accountability!

They always look a little shocked when I reveal this information, as if they’ve been duped or it can’t possibly be that simple. And, the next question is usually – “Well, how do I figure out what works and make it stick??”

Ahhh…that’s why the struggle is so real for so many people. The struggle to stick with something in order to make a permanent, sustainable change for the better.

Understand what your Body Needs

That’s where we need to dig in a little more and truly understand what your body needs. There is no “one size fits all” or “generic” program that works for everyone. There are common philosophies and principles that we all can follow to be healthier (drink more water, get more sleep, etc) but when it comes to your body and how it metabolizes food for energy and how it burns calories most efficiently, you are a unique and special being who requires unique and special attention. Working with a health coach or personal trainer to assess your body type, habits and physical activity will help determine what program works best for YOU!

Regardless of what program or exercise regimen you start, the key to long-term success and sustainability is support and accountability. Going into the New Year with a big goal to lose weight and make a major lifestyle shift cannot be done alone. Well, initially it can be done alone but you are more likely to be successful in the long-term with support, guidance and basic accountability. In fact, an NIH study found that weight loss programs that offered both exercise and dietary modifications, as well as social support and supervision (i.e. checking in with a coach) had higher adherence rates than programs without the support and that only focused on physical activity.

Find Your Tribe

So, how can you create that support network and have accountability when none of your friends or family feel like jumping on the healthy train?

1. Seek out an online or offline support group. Find people like you who have goals to be healthier and spend time with them – formally or informally. Your workplace may have a group that meets to discuss healthy living.

2. Join a walking/running/cycling club or take a fitness class at your gym or community center. Even if it’s once a week, you’ll feel a sense of obligation and accountability if you’ve paid for or signed up to go.

3. Work with a certified health coach or personal trainer. We know how to assess your needs and recommend the safest, most effective program that fits into your lifestyle.

You don’t have to spend a lot of time or money joining clubs or classes but find one thing that works for you once a week that will keep you accountable.

Stop the Madness

I know you’ve tried everything. I know it’s frustrating. I know that you don’t have the time to be starting over every January. I know it’s easy to say The Struggle is Sooooo Real. But we need to stop the madness.

Stop saying that you’re starting over. Start saying that you are going to do things better, smarter, different this time. You’re not starting from scratch; you are continuously improving. Speak to yourself with a positive voice. Tell yourself this year will be the best yet because you’ll do things that are lifetime behaviors not quick fixes.

Now What? 2018 is Staring me Down!

If this speaks to you and you’re like “hell yeah, Niki – the struggle is so NOT real” – then I invite you to take my FREE online assessment of your health and wellness needs and let’s chat about what might work for you in your quest to make 2018 your healthiest year yet!

No obligation. No pressure. No BS. You take the assessment. I provide you with some feedback on what I think will work for you. Just some good old-fashioned girl talk about your goals, lifestyle, habits, and what’s worked/not worked in the past.

Here’s the link again...When you finish it, I’ll be in touch via email to set up a time to chat.

In the meantime, I want you to join me in making a pledge to ditch the struggle and embrace the journey! It’s not going to be a New Year, New You – it’s going to be a New Year, Better You.