Have you ever felt like you were ready to go, ready to take action towards your tasks, maybe even a big goal that you’ve been working towards?  I mean really ready, heart set I’m going to do this!  I’m starting right now, then all of a sudden you feel paralyzed unable to move forward in the actions that you are so ready to take on the inside, but physically nothing is happening?  Have you been there?  I have struggled with this big time!  So how do we move past this point where psychologically were ready, were pumped up ready to go but physically we’ve got nothing?

Do we stop and tune into our intuition?  Is the Universe trying to tell me something? Is the timing not right?  Is there something better on the way for me that I’m supposed to wait for?  I have been there too, trying to justify why in my mind I am ready to go, I even feel some excitement and goose bumps physically.  Yet my ability move forward into action on all these feelings seems to be stalled out.  What the heck is going on, why won’t my brain work with my body so we can get started?  It really is quit the predicament that leads to increasing frustration which can cause overwhelm followed by some pretty nasty self-talk if we don’t know how to move through this situation.

Chances are good that before you reached this point you’ve probably been battling with you inner dialog or external situation wanting to create change but really not knowing how.  So you’ve been in a state of struggle, constantly at odds with what you want in your life and what the reality of your life is in the present moment.  I know this struggle all too well.  The good news is that I’ve had practice discovering the best ways to move through this challenge!

Now stay with me here because I know what I’m about to share can seems counter intuitive.  Stop trying to force yourself to take action on all the tasks you have set out to achieve those goals you want so bad.  Forcing the action only makes the struggle worse it increases the energy of frustration for you and reaffirms all the struggles that you’re having right now with the fact that your reality isn’t matching the version of the life you are wanting to live.  The very first task that I do when I’m feeling stuck in this situation is to take some time to write out and get crystal clear on what I do want in my life.  I focus a lot on how I want to feel.  You can’t get to your destination without some sort of map or idea on where you’re going.

This is where things start to seem a bit counter intuitive.  Don’t worry about trying to get all those tasks done that you know you need to and want to get done right now.  Stay with me!  To break the cycle of struggle we need to focus on how we want to feel in the life we are working to create for ourselves.  By creating those feelings and emotions here in the present we are going to start to shift our energy and really start to feel that internal struggle start to lift.  We are working to close the gap between what we are experiencing right now in the present and how we want to feel when we are living the life we want to have.  Does this make sense?

Sounds simple enough right?  So how do we accomplish that?  Here’s where most of us get lost or confused.  You need to take time to do the things you love!  Instead of continuing the struggle take time today to do something that lights you up, fills your heart and creates those feelings that you want to have in your life.  This will give you the energy to come back to those tasks and get started.  I had to practice this yesterday. My day was all over the place I felt like I was being pulled in 10 different directions.  All I wanted to do was get to work and get some of my tasks taken care of.  It seemed like the harder I tried the more struggles I was creating.  One of my favourite things to do is hit up the garden centres with my girls.  I love walking through them and checking out all the flowers, plants and decorations, it really does fill me up and remind me how grateful I am to have the opportunity and flexibility in my schedule to do these activities.  I allowed myself to fully enjoy this experience without worrying about my to-do list.

When I got home I felt rejuvenated and ready to take action again.  I had the energy to get back to work after supper and finish up some tasks that I had been working on for a week.  I was feeling better and I found that everything was flowing again, I knew what to do. I had new ideas and the challenges I had faced seemed pretty minor now, the solutions were right in front of me the whole time, I just couldn’t see them though the state I had been in.

Next time you’re facing this type of struggle remember to stop, get clear on what you’re working to achieve and how you want to feel, then go have some fun and create those feelings right now.  You’ll come back refreshed and ready to take on your tasks!