The Subject is Always Love

Spring is the season of Love. Love shakes us up and opens our eyes. We try new things. We ask new questions. Love, especially at the beginning, is fragile. That’s why when love blooms we intuitively pay closer attention to everything we can see, hear, taste, touch and smell. It’s exciting and important.

Good love, like good eating fills us with energy and confidence because we love with heart, mind, body and soul. Eat with Love.

  • Smile between bites when you eat. This relaxes your body to digest better. It opens your heart for loving.
  • Look at what you eat. Taste with your eyes to tease open new possibilities. Be curious about what it is. It’s best not to rush love.
  • Eat less than you think you need to leave room for an unexpected dessert. You will have more energy.

Food is love. Receive it with gratitude. Intuitive tools like sensing dignity and being curious side-step stress and guide smart choices. Shake-up your eating routines and check-in with messages from your body.

  • Make the choice to respect your body by noticing how you feel when you eat. Sense potential.
  • Baby yourself with tenderness. This means: don’t’ stuff food into your body. Only eat when you’re hungry and taste every bite. Loving is giving yourself every chance for healthy satisfaction.
  • When you eat: relax, get energy and satisfy yourself.

                                      What you put in your body is your choice.

                                                      You are in control.

The way to get positive feelings is to take positive actions.

Love is sharing without judging. Love your body and your good health. You don’t need to explain how you eat to anyone because eating is personal. If someone makes a comment, just say you’re practicing intuitive eating. Being true to yourself is common sense.

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