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Creativity, a word that defines our life. It does, trust me. What are we if not creative? It’s just a matter of time everyone comes to know about their creative side. Who said creativity just lies between the paint and paper? I didn’t. Then what is creativity? Everyone knows that, right? So, are we still going to debate that my painting is better than yours?

This was all about creativity, now let’s ponder some view on intelligence. I know what you are thinking, probably that everyone knows what intelligence is, right? Well, what if I tell you that a psychologist has written a lot about types of intelligence. He detailed all the types, i.e. fluid intelligence, logical intelligence, linguistic intelligence, spatial intelligence, kinaesthetic intelligence, and crystallized intelligence. Do you know them all?

Don’t worry, we are not going to discuss them here, but what we are going to discuss is how your creative intelligence will help you determine your success.

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“Alex is intelligent, but he doesn’t have that creative spark in him.”

Remarks, right? How many times have you heard of them? Many people assume from these types of school remarks that they are no good to do creative things by themselves. What does it mean to be creative? And how can we make out if someone is creative or not? Is creativity quantifiable? To answer all these absurd questions we first need to understand what creativity means.

What Does Creativity Mean To You?

Creativity is like good speculation, and creative people are like good investors. You know them, right? They buy low and sell high. Creative people live in a world full of ideas. They are both novel and valuable. Creativity is an art, but that art is not supposed to always be literal. Decisions you make are not always supposed to be correct. Sometimes even the unexpected can bring innovation.

Don’t be afraid of failure, embrace and greet it with passion. No, no I don’t mean passion of anger, what I meant was a passion for learning and wisdom. If you wish to be creative, you might as well learn how to handle the uneven brush marks. I know, I’m getting you all confused, aren’t I? I like to explain everything with examples so that I can make you understand well.

Hence in this article, if I refer to painting, you know that it’s just an example, alright. 

Shall we begin? What? You thought we already started, that was just a warm-up, this is where we are going to start.

Rule Of Three – Basic Principles Of Creative Intelligence

I always wondered what the keys to success were. How do people that were backbenchers or school dropouts now run their own multi-billion business? Ah, business, one of the most creative fields. You know I have this crazy dream of running my own business someday. But is it that easy? Well, if school dropouts can do it so can I, right? But now the imperative question arises, would I be successful?

“How to be successful” people often Google search that. Even Google will give you the keys to become successful. But will you follow them? Directly or indirectly, your excellence and success depend on your intelligence. It is up to you how you choose to use it. Let me not confuse you more deeply into it, because I can talk all day about how creative people are more successful than the others. Let’s jump to our topic and know how we can be creatively intelligent.

Think More Than Enough – Try To Be Exceptional

When it comes to creative intelligence, you need to think more than just enough. Your thinking is what makes you exceptional, be unique because uniqueness is what everyone needs to have to succeed. This can be the smallest step in your journey to becoming successful, but don’t underestimate it because when you use your intelligence to think, you achieve!

Have you ever pondered about why all the paintings sold on such high prices are solitary? Why is there no replication? It has a simple answer, if everyone has it, it is no more unique. Nor it will be sold with such a profit. That’s exactly what it is like with your ideas. If they are unique, they have values, if not, they are insignificant.

Act Smart – Utilize Your Resources Well

Smartness, isn’t it just another attribute of creativity? If you are creative, you are smart. You should know how to act smart even in the worst of the situations. You should be aware of tactics that would help you utilize your resources well. Use your time and energy where actively required and let your smartness handle the rest.

Suppose, you are the Human resource manager of a company, you have a lot of work to do in a limited period of time and your boss comes in and asks to hire few employees because the working staff is required immediately. What will you do that makes your workload sustainable? You will try to handle everything yourself or would you act smart and divide the workload? You would prefer the later much more right? Then why don’t you just use a recruitment assessment tool that helps you recruit the most eligible candidates that your company requires? Don’t you think that’s a way to act smart?

Just like this example, if you let your brain act smart, your creative intelligence boosts itself to its full potential and help you obtain the best out of the rest.

Set Realistic Goals – Determine Your Outcome

Creative intelligence is something that would give you ideas for two different types of outcomes some of them are going to be realistic and practical and some can be unrealistic and inconvenient. Your mind is creative, it will give you both goals and fantasies, but it depends on you whether you want to be awake and accomplish your goals or sleep and fulfill your fantasies.

Just like that, the goals you set for the future must be something you can work for and not something you will always just dream of. Use your creative intelligence; still, be convenient, that’s what subtle art is all about.

I don’t want you to get bored with all my advice and so I will try to end this session in a few more words. You are your boss; you know how to make yourself climb those steps of success. You just need your mind to be free, let it make some mistakes, let it ponder over its mistakes and let it correct those mistakes. Let your mind be creative because creativity provides a bridge between analytical and practical intelligence. The balance between them is what makes you successful. That’s what the subtle art of creative intelligence is all about.  

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