How many people do you know who have built a Global Brand at the age of 28? 

–My guess, not a lot. 

Kioka Tanksley is the first African American female to build a Global Brand at the age of 28. 

Recently, I got a chance to interview Kioka Tanksley, and she had a lot to share concerning how she achieved this seemingly impossible feat.

Here’s our conversation:

1. Tell me a little about yourself 

Kioka Tanksley is a businesswoman who was born on August 5, 1991, and raised in Augusta, Georgia (feels good to talk in third-person). In all seriousness, I grew up in a single-parent home with my mother, Koren Brown and younger sister, Alexis Cheatham who are both my motivation and inspiration to succeed. Although I grew up without my father, Kelvin Tanksley, who was incarcerated most of my life, he has displayed great strength and courage in his absence, which too contributes to my ambition to win. 

I am now the proud Founder of Royalty Reigns Management, a global brand management consultancy providing brand communications solutions for top-tier companies, celebrities, and global brands.

As the Billionaire Brand Consultant, and expert, I am known for identifying profitable opportunities while planning and implementing effective promotional campaigns that engage cultural to high-end consumers through Strategic Marketing, Branding, Public Relations, and Business Development. 

2. What does it feel like to be one of the first African American females to build a Global Brand?

It feels amazing to live out my vision as a country girl turned woman with the power to pursue destiny against all odds. It wouldn’t be my reality without the support of my clients, colleagues, and key business partners as they uplift my brand which plays a major role in my success. The trust we receive based on our expertise directly contributes to their bottom line as we confidently promote growth, generate billions in market value, establish on-brand partnerships, and secure international press coverage on their behalf. 

With that being said, I am content with the fact that my team and I are results-driven and are passionate about client sharing our client’s brand story worldwide while maintaining an atmosphere of trust through effective strategies and client relations. I am a witness that building great relationships, yields great rewards!

3. You’ve worked with some of the most prominent names in business, what has the journey to achieving this level of success been like?

It has been an honor and a process, in order to stay high in-demand, I have learned to align myself with like-minded individuals who are goal-oriented, ambitious, relentless in faith, and top industry experts who share our principles and standards.  

4. How do you overcome the challenges you face while running a Global Brand?

There are circumstances that occur that could first seem to be a challenge but I have conditioned my mind to know that I won’t experience more than I can bear. With that being said, I call it out as an opportunity that demands an answer to stretch me further into who I am called to be, a woman who is fully capable of leading her consultancy, employees, and clients into a new level of prosperity. 

5. What advice would you like to share with individuals who are struggling to grow their business to the next big thing?

You have to get to know your consumers, be data-driven to dive into the interests of your consumers, now that you have this information, take a step back to really look at the products or services you have to offer so that you can effectively market how your products or services to speak directly to their lives while tapping into their hearts and minds. You are their solution you just need data, the right brand story, and a team to guide you through your brand marketing goals.

6. What values and principles do you adhere to?

To walk in excellence, remain top performers in brand marketing communications, learn and stay up to date on the evolving trends to best serve my clients, trust my creativity, and the process of innovation, perform with honesty, respect my client’s intelligence and perspectives, hone in on their energies to navigate how to create a remarkable experience and difference in their lives. In addition, you have to always keep your head up, reinvent yourself, never doubt yourself, trust your decisions, and practice creativity daily.

I believe these values and principles are the  #1 success factors in my career and the key attributes any brand can apply to be more effective, efficient, and successful.

7. Tell me about your favorite books.

My favorite book is God Is My CEO: Following God’s Principles in a Bottom-Line World; this book shares biblical principles that are timeless and helps with building morale, increasing productivity, fostering loyalty, and retaining employees. 

8. What’s your favorite quote and why?

I am content that the work that I have done is wonderful. – Angela Bassett

When you take risks in your life, you have courage in your unique abilities. You must always continue to trust your intuition, judgment, and the process. You have to know that anything you set out to do is prosperous and no one on this earth could have done it the way did and will continue to. 

9. If a celebrity or brand is looking to contact you, how can they do it?

They can visit our website,, email us at [email protected] or call (347) 815–3737.