For a long time, hypnotism has been paraded in culture as a tool used by devious minds to take control of others. But here’s the funny truth, the way we all act  and operate today has a lot to do with hypnosis 

Turning fiction to reality…

Hypnotist Marczell Klein is someone who’s known for breaking the boundaries of fiction, having transformed over 10000 people’s lives -for the better- through hypnotherapy – A genre of medicine that uses hypnosis as it’s focus technique.

At just 21 years old, Marczell has shown us that in the right hands, hypnosis can be used to produce extraordinary results in the shortest period possible.

Marczell’s love for hypnosis didn’t start today, he recalls that the first time he ever saw a hypnotist was during a visit to college- He and his friend attended a show featuring a hypnotist.

During the show, his friend was called up to the stage.

One key thing to note here is that Marczell’s friend lacked confidence, and was an introvert. But during the show his friend acted differently- his behavior had changed completely.

Toward the end of the show, the hypnotist spoke to Marczell’s friend and other participants who were called up on stage. 

He told them that they will become extremely confident after the show. Since that day Marczell’s friend has become one of the most confident people he’s known.

Marczell’s turning point came when he visited a hypnotist to overcome his fear of talking to people. He wasn’t a firm believer in hypnotism but went with an open mind. At the end of the session, Marczell couldn’t remember the feeling he got from his fear and he was fascinated by that.

After experiencing both these hypnotists first hand, Marczell asked himself a question;

“If someone’s life can change with the snap of a finger why don’t people know about this?

Since then he has gotten obsessed with hypnosis and its application in therapy.

Here’s what Marczell thinks about hypnosis

‘From when we are born till our eighth year on this planet our brain is in a frequency of brain waves called theta. 

Theta = Hypnosis

And because our minds were in this state of hypnosis it was easy to learn languages and absorb a lot of information. If we were programmed in hypnosis then we can be reprogrammed in hypnosis. This is the fastest way to reprogram your mind. “

Transforming lives…

Marczell Klein

Through hypnotherapy, Marczell has performed what most psychiatrists and psychologists can’t do. He’s gotten rid of anyone’s fear or anxiety in minutes. 

Most people who work in the mental health sector deal with the conscious mind only. 

The truth is that the subconscious mind does all the work and has all the power. Marczell has learned to reprogram the subconscious mind, which is why he can achieve such extraordinary results in very short periods.

Since he works with the subconscious mind the results are permanent, no relapses.


Being the successful individual he is today, Marczell attributes his big win in life to a few things;

His parents, consistency, dedication and, the most important one, being himself.

When he was younger, Marczell often dreamed of being successful enough to take care of his parents, he wanted to give them an incredible life. Through consistency, dedication and a lot of hard work, Marczell has been able to turn his dream into a reality. 

No one sees how many times we hit the wall before we achieve success, Marczell failed about a thousand times before he could hypnotize someone successfully. He didn’t give up back then and this is what made him who he is today.

Marczell also attributes his success to not allowing people to impose their limiting beliefs on him, this helped him focus on his dreams and progress faster.

Clearing life’s obstacles…

Whenever Marczell faces a life obstacle, he doesn’t follow the usual route of “blaming his circumstances”, instead he improves his skills and works on his resources so he can be better equipped for the situation. 

Marczell sees obstacles as areas where he needs to grow. 


When he’s off work Marczell hangs out with his friends and meets new people. He loves bringing groups of people together.  Apart from social gatherings, Marczell loves working out, he visits the gym every single day.  

“There’s rarely a day that I remember where I’m not productive or doing something fun” – Marczell says.

Marczell also reads a lot, he recommends you read the book  “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon hill. Once you start thinking big you’ll achieve great things – Marczell

I spoke with Marczell sometime ago and asked him a question;

What words of advice do you want to share with anyone who’s just starting in life? 

                          SET BIG GOALS

Don’t waste time thinking about how you will accomplish them. Most people take years to get the courage to take action toward their goals. 

Do not settle in an area of your life.

Society tells us to appreciate what we have and to set “realistic goals.” The truth is that there is no such thing as a realistic goal. Believe in yourself and if you’re unhappy with where you are do not stay there.

If you want a nice car but you currently can’t afford it- make more money so you can afford it. 

Make decisions on where you want to be not on where you are. If you do not change the way you operate your life will stay the same. 

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