Leaving everything behind and not looking back, that’s something that brings chills down the spines of many people.

A while ago I got to speak with a young man who left his home in South Africa and moved to Los Angeles in search of better opportunities for his Social media career.

A couple of months in, Daniel has been able to boost his social media following by over 160,000, Crazy, right?

Here’s the conversation I had with Daniel;

Tell me a little about yourself?

Hey, I’m Daniel Duminy.  I am a YouTuber, artiste, and social media figure from South Africa. I’ve been living in Los Angeles for about 4 months now and I have to say that a lot has changed.

I  came to L.A with my best friend and we had one dream and that was to kick start our dreams in this beautiful city. So far,  we’ve done well and overall we are just blessed to be here and I thank God for it in every way possible. 

I had around 40k followers on Instagram before I moved to L.A, now I have over 200k! Los Angeles has shown a lot of support for my music and content and I appreciate that a lot.

I haven’t released any of my music yet but my team and I are working on a few singles and hopefully, I’ll release an E.P by the end of the year.

What inspired to move to L.A?

I got this feeling inside me and told me to move to a city where “social media” is more accepting. And to be honest, there’s way more opportunity out here in L.A.

So I and my best friend planned how, when and what to do, then we took a leap of faith and things turned out for the best.

What values and principles do you follow closely?

I tell people around me (and myself)  to not care what others think of them and just follow the path they want.

The thing I value the most is the Mosaic church here in L.A, it’s changed my life for the better and being from South Africa, I’ve definitely found an amazing family here.

Lastly, you should always stay humble and be kind.

What are you working on currently?

I’m working on a lot of content for my YouTube Channel- A lot of filming has been done over the past few months.

I will also release a single this year which will give my fans a good taste of what my music sounds like. My E.P will be out by the end of the year (Or early January) and would be out on all platforms.

What words of advice would you like to share with young individuals who are finding it hard to stand out from the crowd and do their own thing?

My advice would be to have faith in whatever you’re doing because that goes along way. 

What I mean by that is if you are dreaming of something and you can see it clearly when you close your eyes, act like you’ve already received it and it will definitely become yours! 

And most importantly stay true to yourself be humble and make good decisions.  Don’t ever care what people say about you just keep moving.