At twenty-years-old, most individuals dream of attending college and receiving a degree. This wasn’t the ideal lifestyle for Isaiah.

This distinctive mindset drove him to think up plans that would help him achieve his dreams and make a significant impact on society.

Building an Agency.

After dropping out of college, Isaiah needed a source of income, he didn’t want to follow the traditional route of working for someone else.

So Isaiah went on to youtube and looked up ways to make money online- he watched a Tai Lopez VIdeo on 30 different ways to make money online, and starting a marketing agency was one of them.

After watching these videos, Isaiah decided to take some courses online and learn everything he could on starting and running a marketing agency.

And that’s how Inferno Agency was born.

Isaiah has achieved a lot on his journey with InfernoAgency. Through his agency, Isaiah has been able to grow his network, help numerous clients scale their business and learn valuable skills in business and marketing.  

Most of these skills guarantee that Isaiah will be relevant in any industry he ventures into.

Today, young Isaiah Bjorklund is a digital marketer and the founder of Inferno Agency- an agency that helps firms and individuals scale their brand through unique video marketing.

Inferno Agency stands out from the crowd in the sense that it sets its focus on tailored video marketing campaigns for its clients.

“We curate videos that are tailored to each clients industry, each video is created based on a consumer’s level on a sales funnel- this ranges from the cold traffic stage to the “thank you for your purchase” stage. 

Leveraging Facebook, Instagram and Google ads we filter through consumers who are interested in the products and services our clients offer.

And of course! we don’t dive straight into the market without proper research, each marketing campaign we undertake has a proven strategy that will ensure success.”  – Isaiah says.

The virtues of a successful marketer…

Isaiah attributes his success in business to his ability to finish whatever task he set out to do. This helps him stay razer focused and allows him to pay close attention to detail when he’s on the job. 

As a kid, he loved sports and was involved in sporting events, the rigorous training sessions he went through helped develop his self-discipline and focus.

These virtues have made him who he is today.

Tackling problems head-on…

Yes! Isaiah has won big with his agency, but he’s also experienced some obstacles too. 

Isaiah solved these problems by analyzing them and finding the best and most beneficial solution. Whenever something wasn’t going right for him he would write it out and form a plan that would help him get a positive result. 

 He wasn’t afraid to face his problems head-on.

How Isaiah spends his free-time

Isaiah enjoys working out- he goes to the gym at least 5 times a week. Apart from workouts, Isaiah also loves reading books.

He  hated reading books when he was a child but seeing as a lot of successful people read books to gain knowledge Isaiah formed the habit

Isaiah also trades forex –  as a side hustle.

                                                   Keep Moving forward…

Isaiah’s advice to young individuals who want to follow their dream is straightforward and simple;

“Don’t stop working and keep pushing! You will face a lot of obstacles and experience a lot of failures, each time any of these things happen you should always remember that the benefits at the end outweigh the struggle. 

Ignore what everyone around you is saying and doing and just focus on yourself. Self-discipline and following a routine will take you far in business.”