Mr. Sirianni President  of BROWNSTONE, P.A. His commitment to the rule of law and appellate  representation is unparalleled within the industry. He believes in pride, passion, and the pursuit  of winning the argument  on appeal.

Mr. Sirianni provides representation to clients on matters of federal appeals, state court appeals, writs, petitions, amicus curiae, regulatory, and constitutional law. He serves as an appellate lawyer for multiple areas of Law including civil and criminal matters.  Mr. Sirianni is licensed in every federal court of appeal in the Nation. He represents businesses and individuals before all federal courts of appeal and the United States Supreme  Court.

His practice is 100% devoted  to appellate  representation and he is often called upon to provide  oral arguments before the United States appellate  courts, including the Supreme Court.

Mr. Sirianni has prior experience in contract  and corporate law with a major law firm across  the nation. As a trial attorney, he has over thirty jury trials. Mr. Sirianni is also a former prosecutor and law clerk for the United States Department of Justice, Office  of the Solicitor General (Solicitor Theodore  Olson). While working for the Solicitor, he assisted  U.S. Department of Justice attorneys by researching legal issues and drafting appellate briefs filed in the United States Supreme  Court. Mr. Sirianni has worked  in the white House (George W. Bush Administration), U.S. House  of Representatives, and U.S. Senate.

In addition, from January 1 999 through  May 1999, he worked  in the British  House  of Commons for Sir Paul Beresford (Tory Member  of Parliament from Mole Valley, England). Mr. Sirianni is married to Natalie Sirianni. His hobbies include  athletics, reading  philosophy, writing, sailing, and classical music. His favorite author is Ayn Rand and favorite book is Atlas Shrugged.

Brownstone Law is an appellate litigation law firm and extraordinary team combines innovation and the legal services that you have relied on for years with the best possible representation to deliver results and strategic solutions for our clients on appeal.

We provide aggressive appeal strategies in your industry or business and exceptional resources and representation to best serve your needs as appeals lawyer. We handle civil appeals and criminal appeals throughout Texas, Florida, Illinois, Georgia, Tennessee, and Michigan.

Our Firm also handles Federal Appeals in every federal court in the country.


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