A day spent in worry or happiness is still the same 24 hours!

I’m far too empathetic for my own good, If people I care about are sad, low or hurting I want to help. I suffer with panic, I worry a little too much sometimes about things I cant change.

With a nasty diagnosis in someone I love recently I have spent the last 6 weeks in a constant state of panic.

I couldn’t talk to my closest friend, even hinting at it made me incomprehensible with grief at the road we may have to go down.  I couldn’t cope with my feelings about it, My appetite went instantly and I wasn’t present in any situation.

Several days a go that low level hum in my body ramped up to a swarm of bees in my head, I tried everything to clear it, exercise till I was light headed, keeping busy, having alone time to think, uplifting stuff playing by my bedside, things that help to read or listen to and still that panic kept escalating.

Yesterday we thankfully found out the initial diagnosis was wrong, an error. After what seamed like a massive emotional dump of feelings and a long sleep its gone.

Could I have smiled, laughed, loved more of my days for that 6 weeks? If I had asked for help… I have no doubt.

Will I reach out and ask for help in the future should anything nasty happen?

Yes! Emphatically YES……

Because every day that sun gets up, travels across the sky and sets……..

It doesn’t care about your tears or laughter, its still that same 24 hours, How you spend it is up to you, and you alone.