Although clothing is still produced for a very practical purpose, the act of wearing anything has become an art form of its own, one that we call fashion. We choose different popular colors for every season, new ways to wear existing fabrics, and bring forth new ways to make fashion more Earth-friendly. However, for a long time, we have strayed from its original purpose, and fashion is finally once more beginning to incorporate it into its stylish statement pieces. How? By making them more comfortable.

More fashion designs pop up to support this mindset of blending form with function and beauty with purpose. Let’s see how you can do the same in order to stay true to your self-expression without compromising feeling comfortable in everything you choose to wear.

Athleisure front and center

Take a swift glance at any fashion magazine in recent months, or even years – from cover to cover, they are filled to the brim with images of celebrities, models, and designers boasting designs that are based precisely on this principle of increasing comfort without reducing style. Call it athleisure, streetwear, or active-wear, this fashion approach is here to stay, to make a long-overdue statement that comfort should indeed come first.

Suddenly, you see people wearing Lululemon tights to the grocery store, not just to the yoga studio, and boasting their Nike shoes to work right after a gym session. Their rebellious spirit, modern design, and stunning look provide the ideal balance between striking a fashion statement and feeling free, confident, and empowered.

Redefining business-friendly

Another segment of our life that has been profoundly changed by what we wear is the office. Once upon a time, the suit, tie, and loafers were the personification of business-friendly attire. Today, your favorite skinny jeans paired with ankle boots may be all you need to not just own the office but feel truly unencumbered by overly rigid dress-code rules.

Asymmetrical cuts, quirky patterns on your blouses, comfy blazers, and similar pieces are all perfect examples of how our need to express our creativity triumphs over pointless restrictions. Simply put, the world of business has opened its doors to more versatile clothing types to accommodate different personalities.

Classics for a reason

Over the years, we’ve seen many a fancy stiletto strut the runways only to be replaced by another equally transient pair the very next season. However, the black pump remains the undefeated champion of sophistication for classy events, and no amount of innovation will change that. The same goes for your little black dress, or your lovely summer flip-flops.

Now more than ever, the appreciation of minimalist, purpose-driven design is stealing the fashion spotlight. More people are opting for footwear such as the famous Birkenstock Arizona sandals precisely for their comfort and durability, which are key ingredients in the modern-day lifestyle focused on health and wellbeing. They have earned their timeless reputation much like their fancy counterparts, and they allow you to bring out the best of your comfort-driven style in casual-wear.

Accessorize for style

If you feel that your simple button-down shirt is formal, but comfortable, you needn’t settle for a more stylish option that’s made of an uncomfortable fabric or is too tight around your shoulders. Instead, you can stick to your Oxford shirt and add color and texture with a few of your bold accessory pieces! They serve to bring out your charisma and lift your spirits even on the most formal of occasions.

Think: a layered necklace, a pair of brightly-colored earrings, or even a prominent belt that gives a more vibrant touch to your entire ensemble. These details are so much more than aesthetic focal points. They are your creative outlet to inspire yourself to be confident, to experiment with your wardrobe, and find diverse ways to elevate whatever you choose to wear!

The slow fashion movement

Finally, what you wear says so much about your style, and even more so about your convictions and values. Luckily for you as the modern-day customer, you can now find brands such as Fair Indigo that focus on delivering garments that are not only comfortable or stylish, but they also make a difference for those who make them and those who wear them.

Opting for comfortable tees and jeans no longer means you have to go to a fast fashion store, but you can find long-lasting pieces that are in line with your moral compass. These items prove that less can truly be more, as they are more than just comfortable or stylish clothes. They are the missing link between trendy and timeless that point to what truly matters in defining your style while ensuring you feel truly comfortable in your clothes as well as your own skin.


  • Mia Taylor is a fashion and beauty enthusiast from Sydney and writer for She loves writing about her life experiences. Travelling and enjoying other cultures and their food with her husband is a big part of her life. She is always on the lookout for new trends in fashion and beauty, and considers herself an expert when it comes to lifestyle tips.