We live at one place, without making a strong foothold try to jump to next place. Right or wrong, cannot be said. But certainly, does not makes sense. Strong foothold means the sense of belonging to the place. And when it comes in context of the organization or workplace, its way more important. It is not only essential for your own contentment but for the success around you. We work for an organization, work for a role but never really willing to give our best because something else looks more appealing. Without inclusiveness to the organization and the role, we are trying to find job satisfaction. Person who is trying to achieve this inclusiveness seems foolish. In the path of career, success is important and money is also important, but this method of perusing any goal with such restlessness within oneself that creates negativity is futile. Such energy is dangerous for the success of the individual and the environment around. Ambition is good because it makes the willingness to set up the goal but cribbing and endless craving lands up in utter state of unfulfillment.

Money and position are few parameters to define success in the path of Career, but the state of mind in line with the what you achieve is way more important. Because wherever you land the taste of success will never be accessible. Perhaps, that is why it is said efforts shall always be conscious not compulsive. “Grass is always greener on the other side “, peruse the greener zone but not necessarily that this side is a desert. This continuous seeking is certainly important but make it a wonderful process, not a miserable one for you and the people around you.

Inclusiveness to the organization is important because it marks the beginning of the next wonderful steps. This will make the journey of continues learning joyful and the ladder of success will not be stressful to climb.