You never know when life is going to make you take notice.

Like maybe the next time you open a Snapple bottle.

A few years ago, Snapple was running a program. 6-word memoirs were printed on the undersides of their caps.

Like a fortune cookie, it seems that you get the one that is spot on for you.

“Always torn between roots and wings.” Lewis Frey

That was the 6-word memoir on my cap. I was speechless for a moment.

Those six words summed up how I have felt most my life.

A deep burning desire is in me to explore, to venture out, to take risks, or even at times to run away. Sometimes even feeling claustrophobic with responsibility, routine, or normalcy.

At the same time, there is a longing in my gut for the feelings of attachment, loyalty, and security associated with the sense of home.

I made it my life’s purpose to help other people experience these feelings of security. Expressing love within my home has been deeply rewarding and nourishing for me.

Roots and wings, however, pull us in opposite directions.

When I was at work, I worried I was ignoring my kids. When I was home with my kids, I worried I was ignoring work. If I was home too long, I would get antsy and seek new things to do. When I traveled, I thought every day about getting back home.

It’s so clear now in hindsight. I was always torn between my roots and my wings.

So what can I do about this seeming conflict?

No matter where I am, I can enjoy it while it lasts. Have fun while it lasts. Appreciate it while it lasts.

When I am home, I can stretch my wings by learning new things, meeting new people, and trying new hobbies. This gives me a sense of freshness and adventure. (I took up Irish Fiddle, Water Skiing, and learning to speak German in the past ten years.)

When I am on the road, I can ground myself by bringing a few comforts from home with me. I can make my lodging my home away from home. I can use the time away for reflection, and nurture my inner “home”.

Everything changes, and everything is temporary, we can’t escape that. I have the choice to enjoy it or to long to be somewhere else.

I’ll choose to enjoy it.

As always, I wish you all the best!

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