Today is my birthday. Isn’t it funny how we set so many expectations around our birthdays? I know that I certainly do. Another trip around the sun, and another day to take stock of all that we’ve accomplished (or not).

Here are some ways that you can make the most out of your birthday and the coming year (I know that I plan to):

  • Celebrate Yourself. I have always been one for treating myself on my birthday. It’s a great occaision for it. I’m likely to schedule a quick getaway or a night out on the town. You should too. After all, you have been doing wonderful things all year, why not celebrate yourself like you should? Don’t wait for someone else to plan it either. You have to be your own biggest advocate and cheerleader on your big day. You’re not getting older, you are getting better. Celebrate that fact.
  • Review the Past Year. A birthday is a good time to take stock and do a year-in-review. What went well? What didn’t go so well? What did you accomplish? Which new habits or hobbies did you pick up? What new people entered your life? What would you have changed if you could? What are you most proud of and why? What might you have done differently? Taking stock helps you to not only celebrate the previous year, but move forward with greater clarity.
  • Set New Goals. New year, fresh start! You are another year older and wiser. What do you want to do with that increased wisdom? What are your goals for this year- personally and professionally? Do you want to take up kickboxing or learn how to play the piano? Is this the year that you will go back to school or go after your dream job? Whatever it is that your heart desires, now is the time to go after it in a big sort of way.
  • What Can You Do to Increase Your Health? Your birthday is also an excellent time to do an overall health check. How have you been feeling? Are there any potential medical issues that you should address? Does your fitness routine need some tweaking? How about your diet and sleep schedule, any adustments needed there? Make a promise to yourself to improve your health this year- that is one of the best gifts that you can give yourself.
  • What Can You Do to Improve Your Emotional Well Being? You have to be not only physically fit, but emotionally fit as well. Time for another assessment. Are all of your emotional needs currently being met? What can you do to fill in any defecits? What brings you joy and how can you grab more of that? Do you love yourself? If not, what changes can you make so that you do?
  • How Can You Make The World a Little Better? On a day when we normally receive gifts, it’s a wonderful time to figure out what gifts we can give to others. What can you do this year to make the world a better place? How can you donate your time, talent or resources to help others? Birthdays are the perfect day to give back. Why not donate to your favorite cause today?