When songs are sung, composed, our imagination can craft a myriad of paintings, regarding their existence. Such paintings depend upon the notes, lyrics, and content of the article. Yes. Of course, you will have different interpretations. There will also be a myriad of coloring, as it concerns the different perspectives of the song, itself.

For the song, Uh Huh,” by the late Suzie Dickinson, there are different activities happening. Listeners hear the different responsibilities and even silly things, which are being handled by the protagonist of the storyline. Regardless of any chaos within the song, it’s her song. Furthermore, it’s her storyline. Uh Huh! That’s right. Uh Huh!

It’s her story, and the very makings of her, day! So, listen. Uh, huh. The two of you just may share a particular storyline, to paint.


Suzie Dickinson