Is it time for a change? So many people say they want change and yet, nothing changes. Why do you think that is?

We live in a time where we have access to more information than ever before. We’ve also evolved to be able to absorb more information than ever before.

When we’re at our best, we see the bigger picture. We live in higher awareness and feel safe and in flow with others. When we’re at our worst, we look for feeling safe by imposing rules on others. At our highest, we create groups to share our vision with others so we can convince them that they should share our vision. At our lowest, we impose our vision upon others. The thinking is the same. The belief that one person knows better than another and we want to share our joy or we impose “for your own good.”

What we all have in common is that we all want the same thing, and act in the same way to get it.

All religions, associations, and governments have evolved this way. In other words, it’s done for the “The greater good” or “For your own good.”

What we don’t have in common, is that all 7.8 billion of us are on their own unique point of this very broad spectrum of extremes. The beautiful contradiction of life is that we are all the same and all different at the same time.

It’s interesting to note that both extremes, in practice, always result in “final solution” thinking. One way or no way has never worked and that is apparent throughout history in all areas of life as we know it. Whatever doesn’t change, dies.

Yet there is contradiction in this as well. It’s hard to move away from it. Any proposed alternative is still “one way”. So what choice do we have?

To evolve as a species, as well as individuals, at the same time, we must embrace that life is change, and change is life, and therefore always uncertain. In uncertainty there is freedom. Without uncertainty, there is no freedom. If we all knew the future, then there would not be such a thing as freedom. Yet, everyone claims they do what they do so they can have more freedom.

It used to be the case, and for many still is, that to live free in the future, they would overthink their past. This was, and mostly still is the basis of mental health therapy. But as science and spirituality move closer together on their journey, we begin to know that the past is not what we think it is. History is written by the victors and memories change every time they’re accessed and reconsolidated. The past, really and truly, doesn’t exist. The future doesn’t exist. Now, actually doesn’t exist either. Think about it.

It’s the ultimate paradox.

Do you see it?

Thinking this “one way” means that thinking must always not be one way. Thinking must continue to change. It must be allowed to be different so it can change. It must always be this way, or we will ultimately destroy ourselves, by destroying that which is not us — other life on this planet and the planet itself.

If you stop others from thinking, there will be nothing left for you to think about. In other words, as soon as you think you know the answer, you stop change, and you stop looking for the solution.

Let me bring this closer to ground.

This virus story that we are experiencing right now is something we’re all experiencing globally. Yet, it’s different for everyone — 7.8 billion plus personal journeys. No one final solution way of thinking is going to “fix” humanity. In fact it’s our uniqueness that makes this so evident in the first place. Life is designed to evolve, change and grow. The process is called Creation, isn’t it?

As soon as you label something or someone, you’re a vaxxer, you’re closed minded, you’re a Liberal, you’re a racist, you immediately either separate yourself from or join with the label.

Change stops. Thinking stops.

If you remove labels, does this still happen? Are you free?

As we figure this all out, some people will not go back to “business as usual”, because they will have woken up. Are you awake?

There is always another way as long as everyone is allowed to think, discuss, and be uncertain.

Inside this uncertainty, here is what can happen.

Instead of the homeless going back on the street, when higher paying customers bid for their bed, we think differently.

Instead of using animals for lab testing, cooping them up in cages, or smaller and smaller forests, eating them as we go because we like the taste even if it hurts our body, making them sick, and us sick “because of them”, we think differently.

Instead of flooding the retail stores, like Amazon, with our hard earned money, buying things to make us feel better, starting up the engines of huge transport ships to deliver us our happiness, making so much noise they send whales and other sea life into so much stress that they collide with them, and poverty stricken workers in low income countries barely survive, without change in sight, we think differently.

The Earth itself has shown us how easy it is for her to heal herself, our home, by fixing the ozone layer and clearing the skies of pollution, allowing birds to be heard, mountains to be seen and clean breathable air to restore our body, mind and spirits. Instead of firing up smoky factories, and filling the streets with polluting cars that keep going without change, we think differently.

Instead of some people getting paid more money for entertaining and distracting us, than those who save lives, keep our spaces clean and beautiful, manage our food, and ensure we have our cozy creature comforts like coffee, popcorn, a night out, and so on, we think differently.

Instead of having our food and other necessities shipped from across the planet, we learn to buy, grow and build locally, support and build our communities, teach others to do the same, and have to worry less about international politics, and senseless wars over resources we then won’t need. We think differently.

Instead of breaking and burning down our communities in order to rebuild our society, we think differently.

We focus on personal responsibility for our health and well being, body, mind and spirit, and we teach this to our children at the earliest ages. We mandate natural living and how to be healthy human beings in our homes, schools, businesses and all associations. Science and technology focuses primarily on how to understand and promote health, well being and being human, instead of sickness. Spirituality focuses on keeping us connected to our highest vision — unity. We think differently.

Our immune system serves a purpose and if we eradicate or sanitize that purpose, what will happen to it? Could you imagine 100 years from now living on pill and injection cocktails to sanitize yourself from other living things, natural or man-made, inside your body and out in the world? Where does it stop?

What if we focused more on understanding why viruses exist, what purpose they serve in the grand scheme, and focused just as much effort on taking better care of ourselves and each other so we would be less affected by them. We think differently.

What if we followed the lessons we learned when we were little, really seriously and actively? Wash your hands and maintain mutually responsible hygiene. Respect and take care of your elders and the infirm. Be kind to others and yourself. Make time to play every day. When you’re tired, sleep well. It’s ok to get dirty and even eat dirt sometimes. It’s going to happen. You’ll learn. You think differently.

What if we remember creation is supposed to be uncertain, and at the same time, decide and act to create the world we want to live in, on the other side of this, instead of waiting for the next thing.

We got ourselves to the pre-COVID world and we did a fantastic job of it. To create a different world, and do an equally amazing job, we think differently.

And if we continue this way, the future will remain uncertain, we will be free, and things will get better.