When you think about your current lifestyle, are you truly satisfied with it? When I was thirty, I came to the realization that I was not my best self. After graduating law school, starting my own real estate company, and wearing several different hats along the way, I realized how hard I pushed myself without prioritizing my health and wellbeing. The long hours, sleepless nights and stress had caught up to me—my energy level took a dramatic dive and I realized my health was deteriorating.

My Biohacking Journey

When my daughter was born, my outlook shifted – taking care of myself and my health became critical because I was now responsible for another life.  After reading countless books and trying several techniques and strategies, including hyperbaric chambers and sensory deprivation, I wasn’t seeing the results I had hoped for. Shortly after, I met Dr. Jacob Rosenstein, who made me realize I was approaching my health entirely wrong. After taking his recommended tests and figuring out the root of my issues, I began Dr. Rosenstein’s personalized program, and subsequently, my biohacking journey, to reduce stress, prevent disease, and live longer.

Now, being two years into my program, I feel better than ever. Not only do I look healthier, I have an overwhelming sense of restored vitality. I’m sleeping more, eating healthier and have become the most productive version of myself. While my entire routine is rather extensive, there are three key practices that I could never give up and strongly believe will help anyone who tries them.

Posture Alignment: Posture awareness and management is extremely important to alleviate any strain, chronic pain or stress on the body. Once I learned the impact of proper posture and body alignment, I noticed a significant difference in my body immediately. As part of my routine, I regularly see a chiropractor and practice the Egoscue method (Postural Alignment Therapy). Maintaining proper posture, both while standing and sitting, will ensure you’re able to move through your daily activities (one of which should be exercise!) comfortably and with full mobility.

Prioritizing Mental Health: Maintaining your mental health is extremely important, and also something that is often neglected in daily routines. To keep up with my mental health, I practice Transcendental Meditation twice a day (for 20 minutes per session) to calm my mind, de-stress my central nervous system, and encourage balanced heart rate variability between heart and brain. During my sessions, I set goals and intentions for the day and ensure I’m in the right head space to achieve them. I then share these goals with my personal life coach, who keeps me on track to reach these goals and keeps me in touch with my thoughts and emotions. Forming a habit of taking care of your mental health will help set the stage for a bright future and overall healthy lifestyle. The impact of positive thinking is truly astounding.

Nutrition: I hate the word diet, as it implies it will end, so instead I focus more on nutrition. Nutrition is extremely important as certain foods can influence your moods and the inflammation within your body. You’ll want to figure out the types of foods you are sensitive to, which can cause this inflammation and discomfort, either by taking a food sensitivity test called the ALCAT Test or trying out an elimination diet, where you remove certain foods from your diet and add them back in slowly over time. This way you’ll be hyperaware of how they make you feel, and for the ones that make you feel off, you’ll know to eliminate permanently. I’ve stuck to maintaining a healthy nutrition plan throughout the week of mostly (cruciferous) leafy greens and colored vegetables, and small amounts of lean protein. I’ve also cut out sugar, gluten, dairy and alcohol during the week too. However, keep in mind that moderation is key. I do allow myself to enjoy my favorite foods occasionally. In fact, I’m a French fry connoisseur!  

Revamping your health routine all at once can be intimidating, but slowly incorporating healthy changes into your day-to-day life such as the three above will make a huge difference and give you the confidence to make bigger changes until you achieve the results you want. Maintaining your physical and mental health takes time and dedication but think of it as an investment in your greatest asset—yourself.