Addiction can be a stubborn and frustrating disease. It not only affects the person concerned but also their family. Getting back to normalcy can be tough but certainly not impossible. Determination and control are two secrets that can help a person draw away from addiction. Of course, this is easier said than done. The journey back to a normal life can take months or even years depending on the level of addiction.

The introduction of recovery centers has had a huge impact on the well being of drug addicts as well as the people surrounding them. Patients need special care to lead a normal life. The success stories of numerous addiction centers are promising, proving that the road to recovery is challenging but possible.

The three-fold rehab course

Different recovery centers have different rehab courses, but they all come down to a basic three-fold program to treat the patient. It is a traditional psychological model that takes into account the neurological conditions, nutritional deficiencies and biological imbalances that result in addictive behavior. So, let’s take a look into how this course is panned out:

Treating the body – the first step to recovery is treating the patient’s body. There can be many factors contributing to the addictive behavior of patients. When the treatment of a patient starts, both the neurological and physiological damage is tended to. The easiest way to help get the patient’s biochemical level back is by using orthomolecular nutrition.

Orthomolecular nutrition has the ability to nourish and rebalance the biochemical level of the patient. Additionally, both the mind and the body are strengthened, because of which the patient’s vitality is improved.

Healing the mind – the next course of action is to heal the mind. Mapping and rewiring the brain is what healing is all about. Individual counseling is the most effective technique to achieve that feat. Every recovery center has the most experienced counselors working in tandem with the patients to nurture their mind.

Apart from individual counseling, numerous integrative program such as acupuncture, meditation class, yoga, massage, life skills coaching, pet therapy and art therapy are also used to heal the mind.

Freeing the spirit – addiction is like a cocoon surrounded by drugs and alcohol. The main objective of recovery centers is to free the spirit of the patient from these addictive elements. It is when your spirit is free from addiction that you realize the truest value of the people around you. Building new relationships, keeping the patient busy and encouraging a new outlook on the patient’s life is what this step deals with.

It is never too late for patients to beat drugs and alcohol and regain control of their lives. Recovery centers are ideal to get you back to normalcy. Alternate reality in addiction has never done any good to anyone. So, it is high time you come out of that trance and get in touch with a recovery center that will lead you back to the life that you deserve.


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