Globally, women control $40 trillion of consumer spending worldwide and receive $6 trillion in earned income . Women have more power than they give themselves credit. 

However, are we living to the full potential of our power yet? Research tells us in spite of women making 80% of purchasing decisions in the American household, women across racial groups still make less than their male counterparts. Is the snail pace of change because of structural limitations or collective disinterest? Or is there something more insidious happening?

As a leadership advisor primarily focused on women in leadership, questions around how might we become more courageous, confident and collaborative are top of mind? Furthermore, what allegiance do women have toward each other, if any? What responsibility do they have to the future generation of women, their daughters? Can they imagine a future in their likeness?

Are women’s actions a reflection of their thoughts, beliefs and values? Essentially, do you always know why you do the things that you do? Do women believe that their needs and desires can become the standard rather than an afterthought? These are some of the questions we must ask ourselves individually and collectively as the current state of the world requires that of us, especially as claim our place at the proverbial table of leadership.

In my capacity as a women’s leadership transition coach, I advise my clients to expand their self-perception to re-imagine a world also made in their image. This is harder than many of us would imagine. From birth, we have been conditioned to accept the world, our environment and the perspectives that we have about others and ourselves; to be exactly as they are and have always been. Just because something is a certain way, it does not mean it must always be that way. 

In environments that seeks greater homogeneity, daring to be different requires courage, confidence and the collaboration of thought and action to successfully make a lasting impact. During times of change, having a blueprint for success ensures a return to the basics, fundamental and timeless principles. For me, it is starting with the 3Cs of Leadership: Courage, Confidence and Collaboration. These are the first steps to dismantle and re-create a world that honors everyone’s humanity. It starts first with ourselves, do we dare to move beyond piecing back together, the shattered glass, and instead, create a newer and better mirror to see our full reflection?

Milka Milliance is an organizational consultant, executive advisor and the founder of the Heroine’s Leadership Journey and the 3Cs of Leadership: Courage, Confidence and Collaboration. She heads a global executive leadership firm that advises organizations in Finance and High Tech on gender balanced leadership, transition and change efforts. For more details, visit  

Author: Milka Milliance, Founder/CEO, We R Artemis Leadership Inc.
February 2018

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    Milka Milliance, MBA is an international executive advisor and women's leadership coach, writer and speaker dedicated to supporting women to find the courage and confidence to manifest lives in alignment with their core values and motivations. A former management consultant, a leadership practitioner and the author of Your Journey to Self Re-definition: A Woman's Guide to Transitions, Milka is the founder of We R Artemis Leadership Inc., the Heroine's Leadership Journey and the 3Cs of Leadership workshop series for women.