When you feel like something is missing in your life, chances are high that there are steps you can be taking to receive wholeness and relief. If you’re a person that is always caught up in the hustle and bustle of life, you’ll need to learn how to refocus and recharge so that you can stay in the game. 

In our ever-busy society, it’s easy to get lost in the mix. 

However, you can look to practical advice for relief. The “Three G’s” in this post will teach you some ways to stay connected to who you really are, as you also revitalize your health and help yourself to remain energized and engaged every day. 

Let’s take a look at these Three G’s so that you can apply them to your life. 

Ground Yourself

Taking some time to ground yourself will help you to not get lost in the midst of your everyday stress and distraction. You need to be aware that your mind, body, and spirit are all one, so you need to ground yourself with this awareness, as you seek balance. 

Whether you’re dealing with work stress, paying taxes, or the trials of marriage and parenthood, coming back home to center will allow you to deal with whatever comes your way. 

Start by watching your breath. When you focus on your breath, it’s easier for you to stay grounded in your body, as opposed to lost in your head. Observe your breath and realize that you’re alive and here to have an earthly experience, and that you have everything that you need to deal with obstacles and learn lessons from them. 

There are several bioenergetic exercises that you can take part in that will allow you to de-stress and deal with everyday life. Meditative exercises will always keep you in touch with your higher self so that you can quiet your ego.

Greens — Plenty Of Them

It’s vital that you feed your body the nutrients that it needs to thrive. 

While diet preferences and philosophies vary, you can’t go wrong with eating plenty of greens. Many people think eating a salad every now and then is enough, but this couldn’t be further from the case. In fact, less than 15% of adults get enough servings of fruit and vegetables each day. 

You will need to power pack your diet by getting a variety of greens — to include kale, chard, arugula, spinach, and collards. If you’re having trouble adding these greens, throw some in a blender or smoothie maker and you’ll get more servings than you ever could otherwise. 

Not only will you feel great and think clearly, you’ll also have a renewed sense of oneness and serenity. 

Go — Get Out There And Live Your Purpose

Planning is one thing, but you need to make sure that you are also taking action. It’s important for you to put your thoughts into actions so that you can begin manifesting the things you want in your life. 

This “G” also means that you should shed the sedentary lifestyle and make sure you are always moving your body with exercise and other physical activity. 

Make sure that you always stay in the present moment, as opposed to getting distracted leaping into the past or future. When you’re attached to your purpose, you’ll always know what you’re doing when you wake up each morning. 

Put these three G’s to use so that your life can take off.