Recently I participated in Oprah and Deepak Chopra’s 21 Day Meditation centered around hope and amongst many great insights three things really stuck with me, they suggested the most important things in any creation are; Vision, Intention and Action. Oprah claims these as her 3 rules of life.

  1. Have VISION. This gives you a solid foundation in any area; work, career, hobbies, home, friendships, romance, relationships, etc. Listen to signals as they are always there, through whispers our souls speak to us and most importantly point us towards our bliss and happiness. When you have a vision of what you hope something to be like, whatever that something is, you will have that in your mind and know what you’re working towards or what you want to keep, do both in gratitude and love. This brings us to what is our intention.
  2. The Intention you bring to any situation determines the outcome both personally and professionally. When you have a vision of how you’d like things to be, you very naturally set the intention into motion, and this is what you go back to whenever you feel lost, confused or frustrated; ask yourself what is it that I am doing and how is this affecting my vision, what intention have I set to create the outcome I am getting. (hint; sometimes this can be a zinger when things are not going as you hoped and it causes us to look at who we are being that created what we did not want, as we can manifest either way all the time.) Forgive yourself whenever needed if you get off track, its human nature, just redirect back to where you want to be and clean up where you need to be accountable. This is literally your key to authentic power and a life of hope and heart action.
  3. Take Action in alignment with your vision and intention, and remember to do it from a place of love. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, if you put positive into the world that is what comes back to you, as true the other way too. If you have mixed feelings or doubts step away and get yourself grounded, no sense to add to confusion, fear or other issues into action for yourself or others. Bring in hope for what you want, remind yourself of your vision, intention and be in loving hopeful action to yourself and any others, when you act from love, it is effortless when you are fully grounded. Offer the “simplicity of your heart” as Deepak says, living from your home with simplicity we connect to another’s heart and our own.

The Bible states “where there is no vision the people perish,” a bit extreme but where we have no vision we do lack direction and that can certainly cause our dreams to vanish, or in old world terms, perish. Keeping focused on your vision, and minding your intentions will ensure your actions line up with your truest hopes, when we are in pursuit of our vision the journey, no matter the distance, is enjoyable and fufilling.

Vision, Intention, Action are going to help us all direct the ship to the dock we desire and we can always come back to the “why” when we feel lost or confused, sometimes that can change too and changing course is natural, just as long as we are still moving toward the vision of our truest happiness.

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