Thrive@Conrad Tokyo begins!

Long-awaited Thrive@Conrad Tokyo launch kicked off in front of approximately 130 Team
Members at Conrad Tokyo on August 21st as part of Conrad Tokyo Diversity & Inclusion
Conference. This was the actual launch of Thrive@Hilton to introduce what exactly this
program should mean to the Team Members at Conrad Tokyo. Although, some Team Members had prior training and heard about the three key pillars of Thrive@Hilton, which are Body/Mind/Spirit as keywords for Thrive; for the majority of Team Members, this was their first chance to hear and learn about the Thrive concept and what actions they can to take to make their lives better.

This Thrive session was not just a mere lecture sitting and listening about Thrive concepts.
Instead, Reiko, Conrad Tokyo’s Thrive Champion and Ari, JKM Thrive Champion did a
wonderful presentation to make people realize what controls their minds, how they can change, how long does it take to make changes, what are the concrete micro-steps to make changes. Usually, people tend to think it is not easy to make “changes.” However, it was presented along with statistics and numbers focusing on the three pillars of Thrive, Body/Mind/Spirit which made it very clear and realistic to understand what actions they can take. Some of those numbers and facts represented something we all know is important yet, so common that we do not put much focus on; for example, the importance of sleeping, exercising, communicating, helping others and showing appreciation, etc. Participating in actual small exercises such as desk stretching and eating raisins, group exercises on multitasking and acknowledging one’s strengths and weaknesses, were cited as examples among the three pillars Body/Mind/Spiritand were effectively done during the presentation. By actually moving our bodies sitting up from the chairs helped the idea of Thrive to really sink into the minds and bodies of the Team Members. Also, the Thrive microstep commitment form Team Members filled out at the end of the session made their everyday Thrive goals clearer and possible to put into action.

Thrive@Conrad Tokyo held on August 21st was only a start point for Thrive at Conrad Tokyo.
Through this session, many Team Members had something to take home to make their
everyday lives fulfilled and healthier. This launch will surely become the trigger to know the
value and put more attention to one’s body, mind and spirit which will eventually lead to the
success of Conrad Tokyo and Hilton. Additional presentations and sessions on Thrive will be held continuously within this year to provide opportunities for all Team Members to learn about the program. More advanced and hands-on practices on the Thrive concept are planned in the days ahead to reach deeply.