Lives are like the tides of the ocean, continually ebbing and flowing
with the environmental changes. During times of severe trauma or
distress, you often think your circumstances will never change or that
you will never fight your way out of whatever is controlling your
emotions at that time.
You all have an internal scope an upper limit your conditioning
prevents you going beyond, suppressed by limitations and worries it’s
easy to spiral downwards when life catches you off guard or pushes you
into a corner. Try not to become hardened by your trials; choosing this
puts you at risk of becoming emotionally toughened or rigid towards a
destructive end. Let dissonance pass through and replace it with
patience. I do not believe there are any heights on your journey so
insurmountable they cannot be scaled, courage and a conviction to
know nothing of this world lasts forever means your tough times will
pass and harmony restored once more.
The most valuable asset you can harvest is to believe in all you pursue
wholeheartedly, do it with unquestionable faith, and believe nothing
will be withheld if you stay on this path. Those rewards meant just for
you, against all the odds will find a way through, and although you may
have to navigate several detours, those crucial moments and people are
never lost.
Remember no matter what tests you are going through, keep going until
the end is in sight, for just when you think you can’t take anymore, that
is when the current will turn in your favour, for as sure as the waters
move with the cycles of the moon, Never give up for your tide too will
always come back.

“The ebb and flow of the tide reclaim all which was left behind. It’s the
same with life despite everything the tide always comes back.”
Geraldine Mair

I am free of worry. I know if I stand tall and true, I can weather
anything that challenges me. Everything that comes also passes and I
am confident and equipped to overcome and rise victorious.


  1. Worry is a total waste of your time and energy; it moves nothing
    and only serves to keep you in a state of inertia. Please stop
    entertaining this.
  2. When you are flexible, it opens up the channels that were
    previously closed and allows a level playing field to emerge
    where discussions can begin and solutions found.
  3. What is yours will always get through to you at the right time, in
    divine order, cultivate patience and know even the hardest of
    times pass, allowing peace to enter again?
  4. There is no challenge too great you have to run from, either with
    massive action or engaging with others to help you, you have
    the potential in numbers to conquer, so keep going.
  5. There are many bodies of professional help if you require
    assistance, never be afraid to ask for it’s the quickest road to