Time is an Illusion

When was the last time you saw time in your dreams?

I never did. And most probably, you never saw time in your dreams as well. Maybe because time does not exist in most people’s dreams.

And I believe that the concept of non-existence of time is true, not only for the dreams you see when you are asleep, but also for the dreams you see with your open eyes, when your inner self is wide awake.

Do you know at what age did the founder of KFC, Colonel Sanders, become successful with his dream?

According to Business Insider, Colonel became a chef at the age of 40, and became an icon in the world of business after he sold his company, at the age of 75!!

There are many more people who found their passion and pursued their dreams long after they passed the age most people consider “reasonable” to pursue dreams. But does this reasonable age make any difference to your dreams?

The problem with your dreams is that they do not die unless you let them starve. And most people let their dreams starve while they are chasing money, bigger houses, better cars, more fame, and then thinking that they do not have enough time to do what they always wanted to do. Strange enough, right?

But it doesn’t have to be this way, because whether you are in your 20s, 50s or 70s, you are too young to quit dreaming and quit chasing your dreams. Why? Because time is an illusion.

Think about this for a moment… How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are? Maybe you would be 20 years younger or 20 years older, depending on what experiences you have, how much you have worked, how much you have earned, or maybe depending on how much you have lived your life with fulfilment.

But don’t confuse your materialistic goals with your dreams leading to fulfilment, because those goals are born out of greed and social pressure, and setting goals is a hamster wheel anyways, because goals always replace themselves with new ones as soon as you hit the previous ones.

And no matter how old you are, or how old (or young) you could be, if you try, maybe one day you can achieve your dreams, because a dream is not a destination but a journey in itself.

And as soon as you begin the journey, you start travelling a less travelled road of living your dream, which will lead you to the destination of personal fulfillment.

Still want motivation? You are not where you always wanted to be, you have not done what you always wanted to do, you have not been where you always wanted to travel, you have not met the people like you wanted to meet, should be enough motivation to begin with.