Here’s the truth, many of you know what your professional calling is, and you definitely know that the job you’re in now is NOT it by any means, yet you stay right where you are. Why in the world would one do that? There are 5 common limiting beliefs that I have found keep world changers stuck at soul-sucking jobs that totally stress them out. Do any of these limiting beliefs listed below characterize you? If they do not to worry, I’ll get into what you can do to overcome them

1. “I can’t afford to get the kind of job I really love. I can’t get paid less than I do now”

Who says you’ll get paid less? You’re playing out the absolute worst-case scenario. You can overcome this belief by countering it with describing best-case scenario. For example, “It is possible for me to make more money than I do right now. I don’t really know exactly what could happen”.

2. “I’m too old/ too young/ too introverted/ not white etc. to switch jobs/careers right now”

This limiting belief is one that is common to all human beings and that is rooted in the core belief that “I am not enough”. This fear is paralyzing and devastating at the same time. Reminding yourself of role models who’ve trail blazed in the space you’re interested in entering can be helpful, as well as affirming that you might actually be a pioneer in a new space too, which is totally awesome.

3. “I don’t know what to do to make that leap” [so I’ll just do nothing]

The simple way to overcome this is to take massive action over and over again.If you don’t know what to do, get help from a life/career coach or helping professional who can co-create a plan to help you make that leap.

4. “Nothing’s perfect in life, my personal life is great so it’s totally fine for my professional life to suck. We all have to suck lemons somewhere.”

Our tolerance for suffering nowadays is way too high. We do have the potential in life to be joyful in every aspect of our lives including our professional lives. You never have to settle for mediocrity.

5. “What if I fail at it”

Trial and error is a crucial component of any self-discovery process. This is totally normal and will not compromise your dignity and integrity. You can fail forward, and even learn more from your failures than your successes.

Which one of these limiting beliefs characterizes how you feel, leave a comment below.

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